She Changed My Life
Author: SpooningLiam69

Chapter 9
Chapter 9

"What do you mean 'you know'?" Stacy asked, a bit frightened.

"I mean," her mother began, trying not to cry, "we know. About you. What you do to yourself."

Stacy slammed her fists down on the table and stood up."It's because of people like you things happen to good people!" And with that, Stacy stomped off. She ran up stairs to her room.

She flew back on her bed and gazed up at her sky blue ceiling, covered in clouds.

Oh my god, my life is ruined. Right at this very moment. Stacy thought. When will Olivia be back. I miss her. I miss my Olivia. I really do like her. I just don't want her to know anything.

"I've really enjoyed her company." Stacy said to herself. "Has she enjoyed mine? Maybe that kiss meant something. Maybe she likes me too. Maybe, just maybe, she loves me like I love her."

Stacy grabbed her phone and dialed Olivia's number.

"Hello?" Olivia said, answering the phone. You could hear her car door being shut.

"Olivia?" Stacy whispered. You could tell by her voice that she was crying.

"Stacy? Is everything okay? What's up?"

"Olivia," Stacy said, curling up into a ball in the corner of her bedroom. "I need you to come over. Very soon."

"Okay, I'm on my way." Stacy heard Olivia's keys turn and music began to play.

"Sorry." Olivia said, turning off her music.

"Stace, what's up?" Olivia spoke, backing out of the parking lot she was in.

"Everything," Stacy whispered.

"Oli, they know." Stacy whimpered as she began to cry.

"Oh Stace, I'll be over in 10 minutes. Don't do anything!"

Olivia hung up and Stacy just curled up there in a ball, crying her eyes out. She heard the door open slightly.

"Stacy?" she heard, from a bit of a distance.

"Stacy, are you okay? I didn't tell them. Nor did Olivia." It was Carlos.

"Carlos. I'm not in the mood." Stacy just faced the wall, and Carlos walked out.

Stacy had been waiting for what seemed like hours, till she heard the door open.

Stacy sprung up, thinking it was her best friend, but it was her mom.

"Mom?" she said, giving her a strange look while wiping a tear away.

'Sweetie, we have to talk."

Stacy sat on her bed, right next to her mother.

"What is it mom?"

"Olivia... She um." Stacy could tell something was wrong.

"Mom, what is it?"

"Olivia got um, she hit a tree, honey. A car hit the passenger side, and her car slid off the rode and hit a tree." Her mom even let out a few tears.

"Is she okay? Where is she? We need to go see her!" Stacy got up and grabbed her coat and quickly put it on, that with her shoes.

"Mom? Come on. We need to leave!"

Stacy began to leave and head downstairs. She walked into the living room to find Carlos curled upon the couch, crying loudly.

"Mom!" she yelled, running back upstairs. She ran into her mo at the top of the stairs. "Is there something you didn't tell me?"

"Stacy, Olivia is dead." her mom walked downstairs slowly to go calm down Carlos.

Stacy stood there in shock and ran out of the door. Stacy didn't have a car, so she just ran.

She ran and ran and ran until she stopped by at Olivia's house. Her mom wasn't there, but there was a note.

It read, 'Olivia, have fun with Stacy. The doctors called, I am having emergency surgery for my cancer, but they're not sure if I will make it. I will be a Mary's Hospital if you need me. xx, Mom.'

Stacy took some water from the counter and ran to the hospital to where Olvia's mom was.

The nurse took her to her room, and she saw her lying on the bed. "Is she okay?"

The nurse didn't reply, and walked away.

"Hello?" Stacy whispered, "Ms. Amy?"

"Come in, dear, come in." Olivia's mom was whispering very quickly.

"Ms. Amy, I need to talk to you." Stacy said, slowly making her way to her bed.

"What is it dear?"

"Ms. Amy, Olivia is dead."


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