The Divine Sword
Author: Katiesue

Chapter 6
A glimpse of Ridley

With a sharp shove, Katie stumbled to the dirty floor of her jail cell. The warden slammed the door before she touched the ground. She turned to see the man in red leering at her through the bar.
“I’ll be back later for you, girl,” the man said as he turned on his heels and marched away. She listened to his fading footsteps. As soon as they were gone, she stood. She felt at her neck and found that her necklace with the ring Richard had given her was still there.
He had given it to her nearly fifteen years ago. He had told her that he had had the ring for nearly all his life. His mother had given it to him. And he, in turn, gave it to Katie. He had told her it a was a good luck charm. It certainly didn’t seem to have very good luck right now. She sighed and let it fall against her chest.
The cell she stood in was small with only a bed. It was dark and cold. A small window hung on the opposite wall of the bed. It was too small for her to crawl through. The barred door was locked. She pushed her shoulder against the rough bars, but it would not budge.
Tears came to her eyes. She was caught and there was nothing she could do about it. She wished dearly that Richard had been in town that night. If only he hadn’t left, then maybe she wouldn’t be here.
She winced and placed her hand over the lump on her head where the man had hit her with his sword. It throbbed and left her with a pounding headache. She carefully rubbed the lump until it started to feel better.
A loud commotion from outside caught her attention. More guards were marching down the hall with their swords out. In between two of the red wardens stood a man in black traveling clothes.
He had black hair that was matted in a few places, and what appeared to be dark eyes, though she couldn’t see that well in the darkness. He had an empty sheath at his waist where his sword would have been.
The guards dragged him past her cell. The man looked over at her for a moment, making eye contact. He looked mildly surprised to see a woman in the prison. He stumbled and nearly fell to the ground. The guards kicked his stomach and he doubled over in pain.
“Get up!” one of the guards shouted. “You’d think a Knight of the Seal would be able to take this crap!” he shouted to his fellow guard. The guards shared a laugh.
The man slowly came to his feet. He looked back at Katie for a moment before he moved along with the guards. Katie watched them walk down the hall and vanish in the darkness.
The guard had said that he was a Knight from the Seal. That meant that he came from Serdio, just like her. He worked for the Queen of Serdio. He didn’t seem like much because of what he was wearing. Maybe he was disguised as a commoner to avoid being captured. That hadn’t helped him at all.
The lands were split into three separate territories that different rulers ruled. Queen Faith ruled Serdio, Lord Experio ruled Serith, and Emperor Astroth ruled Sandora. It appears that Emperor Astroth broke the truce that held these three territories away from battles against each other. That meant only one thing.
He was going to take over all three lands.
Katie slowly sat down by her door. She was stuck here until someone came to fetch her. Then she would have to deal with whoever had her captured. She knew that whoever it was, they weren’t going to be nice. She wondered if Astroth himself will come to visit her in her dirty cell.
She felt tired, even though she had been knocked out for a long time. She wasn’t sure how long she had been out. Probably nearly a day because they had taken her to Hellio. Everyone knew that it would take you a long time to get to this place, even by horseback. It was dark again, so she guessed that she had been out all day.
The window of her cell let in a little light, as if dawn was approaching. She felt slightly confused as to why they had attacked her village and captured her. She wasn’t sure what was going to happen to her.
Katie wished that Brianna had made it away and that she was alright. Maybe she found Richard and told him what happened. It was unlikely that they would have found out where she had been taken.
If they did find out that she were here, then they might be on their way here at the moment. They might not be too far off either. But she knew that such hoping would be futile. There was no way they would be able to break into Hellio.
She sat back on her heels and curled her arms around her legs. She wanted to sleep, but found that she was afraid to sleep in such a place. She sighed heavily. Thoughts ran wild in her mind as she listened to far off footsteps.
She wished, more than anything, that she had told Richard that she loved him. They had been friends since they were little and she had always felt that way towards him. She had never told him how she really felt about him. Now it was too late.
She vowed to herself that if she ever saw him again, she would tell him. She wanted to see him again so bad. She wished that he were there with her at that moment. She was so tired of being afraid.
She lightly set her head to the ground. In moments, a cloudy dream took shape and her last thoughts were of the man she truly loved, but had never told him so.


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