Something Worth Fighting For
Author: Andene

Chapter 51
My Heaven's With You

The room filled with the morning light. A glow had spread around the entire room. The curtains did little to block the morning sunlight.

Her eyes twitched. The light was bothering her. Natalia sighed and turned over on to her side, as she tried to sleep a little more. The memories from the night before came flooding in to her mind. Her eyes fluttered open.

Natalia had thought it had been a dream, albeit a very vivid and beautiful dream. Except the reality of last night was sleeping beside her.

Natalia hesitantly reached out. She carefully brushed the hair from Dallas's forehead, being careful so that he wouldn't wake up.

He was tangible. This wasn't a dream. Natalia watched him sleep peacefully. A smile grew on her face.

It had been the first time in months that she had slept properly. She felt refreshed.

Natalia moved closer to Dallas, she could hear his soft breathing. She watched the gentle rise and fall of his chest. The sunlight highlighted the soft features of Dallas's face. Natalia watched, mesmerized, trying to memorize the features of his face.

It was a while before Natalia turned her attention to the rest of the room.

It had been nicely furnished. The bed frame, and headboard had a mahogany finish, and there was a matching dresser, and night tables around the room. The light blue curtains went well with the room, and the bed set. It was then that she realized that she was covered by a blue blanket.

Natalia nuzzled closer to Dallas. His arms wrapped around her, and pulled her closer; but still he slept.

Natalia was happy. She wouldn't have minded staying this way forever. She had Dallas right by her side, and that was all she wanted.


Dallas woke up, to see a smile. Natalia was wrapped in his arms, already awake. She looked delighted to see him.

Dallas didn't know how long she had been awake. Dallas smiled back at her.

“'Morning beautiful.” He said to her sleepily. “Good morning!” Natalia said, cheerfully.

“Sleep well?” Dallas asked, stretching his arms, and holding her closer.

“Yes.” She sounded happy. She looked relaxed. Dallas grinned at her. “I see...I probably know why.” He teased her.

“You probably do.” Natalia conceded, but the smile never left her face. He saw how warm her eyes were. She looked perfectly contented.

“So when do you have class?” Dallas wondered out loud. He had been half expecting her to run out the door, telling him she was late. He was glad she hadn't. He wanted to spend more time with her, after all he had just gotten her back.

“Two thirty in the afternoon.” Natalia told him, not making any move to get up.

She turned to face him. “Do you have anything?” She asked. “ practice today. I have class from seven to ten though.” He told her, giving her a kiss. They lay in bed, just watching each other.

It was a while before Natalia got up, sitting on the bed.

“I have to aunt is going to kill me.” She explained to him.

Dallas was confused.

“You're living with your aunt? I thought you said Matt is living on campus?” Dallas asked.

“He is. His residence is right beside the Chemistry building. I'm just staying with his parents until I get my own place.” She told him, running a hand through her hair to fix them.

Dallas was quiet. He had already made up his mind.

“So...why don't you stay with me?” He asked, baffling Natalia.


“So...why don't you stay with me?” Dallas asked. Natalia was shocked at his request.

Natalia didn't utter a word. She didn't know what to say. She stared at him in disbelief.

“This place is huge. You can have your own room, if you like. Plus it's close to York.”

Dallas had sat up, he wrapped his arms around her. Natalia couldn't think of anything to say to him.

“And because I love you, I don't want you to leave...and you're mine of please stay...” He trailed off.

Natalia couldn't muster up any answer.

“What am I supposed to tell my aunt?” She finally asked, weakly.

Dallas chuckled upon hearing this. “We'll think of something.” He murmured.

She turned to face him, wrapping her arms around his neck.

“If I'm staying...then I get this room.” She told him, smiling widely.

Dallas laughed at hearing this.

“Nope, if you're staying than you can share it with me.” He told her, nudging her forehead with his own.

“Oh...fine.” She pretended to pout, before breaking in to a smile.

Natalia pulled him in and they shared a deep kiss.


The trip to her aunt's house was not what she had expected.

“'re finally home...” Her aunt trailed off as she saw who was standing behind Natalia. The shock didn't last long. It was transferred to Natalia.

It had been a shock to her when her aunt had been happy to hear about her moving out. I'm not that socially inept, Natalia had thought darkly, after hearing her aunt talk. Natalia suspected her mother of having told her aunt about her crush...

“Oh, Lia. I didn't think I would be seeing you go so soon! And to think I had been worried about you spending all your time in the library...I would never have thought there was something else keeping you busy.” Her aunt had said bluntly, looking over at Dallas.

Natalia turned a deep shade of red. I am never going to live this one down...She thought to herself, as her aunt asked Dallas if he wanted something to eat or drink. Natalia bolted upstairs and changed her clothes, getting ready to go to school. She didn't want to know what her aunt was saying to Dallas in the mean time.

Dallas had some how kept a straight face through it all. It had surprised her. Even when he helped get her things, which were few since she had left most of her stuff back in London, he hadn't said a word about her aunt's ramblings.

Natalia should have known it would be short lived. It was only natural for Dallas as he had gotten his revenge in the car, teasing her until she was red in the face, once more.

“I think I should reconsider...” Natalia told him, after becoming fed up with his merciless teasing.

“Reconsider? About what?” Dallas asked, glancing at her before returning his attention to the road.

“Moving in with you! You're just going to torment me!” Natalia said with slight annoyance.

Immediately, Dallas looked repentant, though there was a smile forming on his lips.

“Alright, I'll be good.” He said quickly. They stopped at a red light.

“And this is for my penance.” Dallas said, he leaned over to kiss her.

When he moved away, Natalia smirked.

“It's not penance if you enjoy it.” She told him, rather smugly.

“Alright, what would you have me do to make up for my insufferable ways?” Dallas asked, humoring her. He was driving them to York.

“You are going to come with me to London on the weekend, help me grab some of my stuff...and then we're going to go to the lake.” Natalia told him, knowing full well that it still wasn't a punishment.

“You drive a hard bargain...but I will accept...only because I love you.” Dallas told her with a chuckle.

“Uh do know we're going to have to tell my parents...” Natalia mumbled.

“About?” Dallas asked, slightly oblivious.

“What do you think?” Natalia asked, rhetorically.

“ mean mean you living with me...” Dallas said, slowly. He sounded as though he relished every word.

Natalia rolled her eyes all the while shaking her head.

“Don't worry, Lia. I'll be good. I don't think I'd be able to stand another day without you.” Dallas told her, quietly. He had parked the car.

Natalia looked at him, what he said was true for her too.

Dallas took her hand and squeezed it.

“This time, I'm not leaving you.” He promised her again. Natalia nodded in understanding.

They got out of the car. Dallas lead the way. His hand holding on to hers.

Once they walked between Lumbers and Farquharson buildings, Natalia realized that they were going in the right direction to Stedman.

“How do you know where I have class?” Natalia asked in amusement.


Dallas gave a nervous laugh when he heard Natalia's question. This was going to be interesting to explain, he thought.

“Well...funny story that...” Dallas stalled, laughing nervously.

“Yea? Go on...” Natalia prodded him, as they walked.

“I called Derek a few days ago to find out where you would be...” Dallas muttered quickly. They were finally inside Stedman, right outside the lecture hall where she would have class.

He turned to look at Natalia. She was smiling at him.

“You missed me that much?” Natalia asked, a playful smile growing on her face. It was her turn to tease him.

Dallas bowed his head.

“Alas...I must admit...I did.” He winked at her. Natalia laughed. She came up to him, her arms encircling him. “I missed you too.” She whispered. Dallas kissed her.

“Hey...Lia...Dallas?” Came the muted voice from a corner. Dallas groaned inwardly.

Natalia burrowed her head in his chest. “Perfect...” Dallas heard her mutter.

Dallas looked to see who had intruded in their moment.

Matthew stood in front of them, slightly baffled at the sight.

“Didn't you two...” He started to ask.

Dallas didn't know how to answer the question. Natalia lifted her head, and turned to face him.

“Yes...but we're together now.” She told her cousin.

“I always knew you guys would get back together!” Matthew grinned.

He walked over to Dallas.

“Staying for the lecture?” He asked Dallas. Natalia turned to face Dallas, curiosity was written on her face. She wanted to know his answer was.

“Looks like.” Dallas smiled at Natalia, he wasn't going to let Natalia go anytime soon. At least, not for today. She leaned in to him, he heard a happy sigh escape from her lips.

Today, she was with Dallas, and that was all he wanted.

“I thought as much.” Matthew said, smacking Dallas's shoulder lightly.

As students from the previous lecture began to file out of hall. Dallas felt Natalia take hold of his hand, as they waited to enter the room.


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