Something Worth Fighting For
Author: Andene

Chapter 49
What About Now?

The weekend had given him a lot of time to think. Dallas sat on a chair in his balcony looking out over the gazebos and small lake which were in between both towers of apartments. He sipped his hot chocolate. Natalia had made sure to leave him with a craving for the stuff.

He longed to see Natalia again. It had been hard for him to stay away as he tried to figure out how to approach her. He had stayed away from Steacie library just so she wouldn't catch him...and so he wouldn't be tempted to jump head first back in to her life.

He needed to figure out how to make her believe him.

Dallas went back inside and put away his cup. The apartment was empty...he felt alone. From the two bedrooms he had, he only used one. The other had been kept empty.

If only he had Natalia to share it with...that was it!

Dallas had finally made up his mind. He knew exactly what he was going to do. There was just one more thing before he executed his plan. He flipped open his cell phone and dialed the number.

Dallas waited for Derek to pick up.

No sooner had they exchanged greetings, that Dallas pounced.

“What's Natalia's schedule?” Dallas asked Derek.

Derek rattled off all her classes, and Dallas memorized them as quickly as he could.

“Why?” Derek asked, a little late.

“What do you think?” Dallas asked, snidely.

“You're trying to stalk her is what I think.” Derek retorted.

“You're wrong.” Dallas shot back.

“Highly unlikely.” Derek chuckled.

Dallas was quiet for a minute.

“Does Natalia know I'm here at York?” Dallas asked, suddenly. “No...I don't think I told her.” Derek answered. “Why?”

“She's seen me around...She followed me in to a tunnel...and I hid.” Dallas confessed. It sounded even more stupid out loud. Maybe he should have talked to her...

“Why? Were you playing hide and seek?” Derek asked, sounding confused.

“No...she told me to leave her alone when we broke I have been...but she's been catching me...” Dallas told him.

“So why haven't you said anything? I thought you loved her.” Derek sounded confused. Dallas could feel Derek's eyes narrowed.

“Because she told me to go.” Dallas answered. He knew right then and there he was in trouble.

“And you don't think that had anything to do with Mollie kissing you...again?” Derek asked, sounding incredulous.

“What...Natalia told you?” Dallas asked, he had made sure not to say anything about that incident.

“Nope...neither of you have been so kind to tell me anything. Mollie was hunting for you when she ran in to me. She told me she wanted to clarify some misunderstanding between the two of you...she asked me where you were.” Derek told him, Dallas could hear it in his voice. Derek had found that amusing. “I didn't tell her where you were...” He trailed off.

“So how come you haven't talked to Lia yet?” Derek asked again.

“Because she told me to leave...she broke up with me...I didn't think she wanted to see me around after we broke up.” Dallas muttered.

Dallas could tell Derek was going to fume. He had known him long enough to read the tell-tale signs...even when they were on the phone.

“You dolt!” Dallas winced as Derek berated him.

“She loves you...still...all through the summer.” Derek didn't sound happy.

“I take her to Europe, and you know what, she had the laptop and was watching interviews of you. She met Gerrard in Spain...and he even figured out that she loved you.”

Dallas couldn't believe this. Natalia still wanted him? Hold on...Gerrard who? He thought as Derek prattled on.

“And even now...she's been miserable without you....she hasn't slept properly since you left! And you're telling me that she's thinking she saw you and she has but you're not going to see her? I should kick your ass for playing ghost with my sister!” Derek told him, furiously.

“I never said I didn't love her. I still do, Derek! Obviously I'm going to see her! Why else do you think I would call you up for her schedule?” Dallas shot back, trying to defend himself. Yet there was still something about what Derek had told him that stuck in his mind.

“Who's Gerrard?” Dallas asked in confusion. She's already replaced me? He thought, the pain ricocheting thorough his heart.

“Some guy she made friends with in Spain. He was nice. Now that I think about it...maybe you're trying to drive her crazy...” Derek retorted.

Friends...He thought relieved. The pain subsided at once. Gerrard was just a friend. Dallas breathed a little easier.

“I'm sorry about that...okay? I just didn't think she wanted me.” Dallas said quietly.

“So what changed your mind?” Derek asked, snidely.

“She caught me in the tunnel...almost...” Dallas told him quietly.

“What did she say?” Derek asked.

“The same thing you just told me...” Dallas admitted.

“Then why are you still talking to me? Shouldn't you talk to her?” Derek sounded annoyed.

“I'm going to...but I think I have a plan...” Dallas said to his best friend.


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