Something Worth Fighting For
Author: Andene

Chapter 40
Calling The Shots

Chapter Forty: Calling The Shots

Practice did not go well. Dallas was too distracted to be thinking clearly.

He didn't know how he got through the motions of it all. The rest of the team must have been having an off day along with him, since the coach didn't say a word to him about his performance. Instead the coach blew up at the goal keeper and one of the forwards.

Practice ended and Dallas checked his watch. If he hurried he could get to Natalia's school during her lunch.

Dallas drove maniacally towards the school. Once there he parked his car and hurried inside.

Luckily, Natalia wasn't the hardest person to find. She could always be found in the library. Dallas walked in that direction, nodding to the people who greeted him.

He hoped he wasn't too late.


Natalia looked out of the glass panes of the library. She wasn't thrilled when she saw who was heading for the library.

Without explaining to her friends, Natalia rushed out of her seat and went to the bookshelves. She was not going to face Dallas right now.

She waited.

“Hey, have you seen Natalia?” She heard his voice.

Her friends must have told him. It was quiet...too quiet. Natalia frowned as she turned to face apologetic brown eyes.

Natalia had no intention of talking to him. Especially when her friends were within earshot. She turned and left for the exit.

As she passed her friends table, she couldn't help but voice her displeasure. They had sold her him nonetheless.

“Traitors...” She hissed. They didn't seem to mind. Clara was even smirking at her.

Natalia knew Dallas was following her. She walked to the furthest end of the school.

The technology wing.

It was empty during her lunch. Most classes were held before or after fourth period. The technology teachers all shared the same lunch. They usually headed out to the closest Tim Hortons for lunch.

It was quiet.

“Natalia, please just hear me out.” Dallas said, trying to get her to face him.

Natalia moved away each time he came near.

“No! I can't believe you lied to me!” She told him. Natalia couldn't believe he would have ever done that to her. Yet here we are...she thought, furious with herself for ever getting involved with him.

He finally successfully cornered her. Taking hold of her arms. Making her face him.

“Let me explain!” He protested.

“You can't just lie to me and expect that everything will be fine if you can explain it!” She told him angrily, trying to get out of his grip.

“What are you talking about?” Dallas asked in confusion.

Natalia couldn't believe him. He had the audacity to pretend he didn't know what she was talking about.

“You! You having dinner with Mollie...and her kissing you! While I end up going to the movies with my best friend because my boyfriend was too busy for me!” She told him, contritely.

“I swear I had practice and a dinner with the team.” He told her, trying to defend himself.

“Yea? And a date with Mollie apparently.” Natalia retorted. She looked at Dallas, his eyes showed comprehension. She pulled her arms out of his hands.

“Let me explain. Just listen.” Dallas had taken hold of both her hands.

Natalia was not going to have any more of it. She was going to call the shots this time. She had had enough of his explanations.

“No, Dallas! You listen!” She told him.

“Is this a game to you? I am not some girl you can chase for the thrill of it! If all you want is that thrill...then I'm not who you should be with... I can't keep playing this stupid game with you!” Natalia told him, choosing her words carefully.

Dallas tried to pull her closer. “Just stop!” She told him, furiously. She wrenched her hands out of his grip.

He tried to get a hold of her, again.

“Leave me alone!' She told him, pushing him against the wall.

Natalia walked away, leaving Dallas looking dumbstruck.


Dallas waited for Natalia after school. He knew she wasn't going to turn up, but he had to make sure.

He waited fifteen minutes, before his beliefs were confirmed. Natalia had already left for home. Dallas drove away from the school.

All he could hope was that he could intercept her, upon arriving home. He hoped she would let him explain. Please give me a chance, He found himself hoping.


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