Something Worth Fighting For
Author: Andene

Chapter 39
Forever Is Over

Chapter Thirty Nine: Forever Is Over

Dallas came home late. The house was dark and quiet. After the day he had had, he was looking forward to some time with Natalia.

Mollie had, of course, lied to him. When she had said she wanted to talk...he should have known it was a backhanded attempt to throw herself at him.

Dallas had left after harshly telling her to stop going after him. She didn't look ready to give up. All Dallas wanted to do now was to forget.

He walked up the stairs quietly. Hoping Natalia was still awake, Dallas walked in to his room. He got dressed to sleep, and had settled in to his bed when he heard a knock at his door.

Dallas smiled. “Come in.”

Natalia entered Dallas's room. She looked ready for bed.

“How was the movie and dinner?” Dallas asked, motioning for her to come over.

“It was fun...but I missed you.” Natalia told him. She was standing by his bed side. Dallas took her hands and pulled her on to his bed. He wrapped his arms around her.

“I'm sorry I couldn't make it. I promise I'll come next time.” Dallas said, kissing her cheek. He saw the small smile on her face.

“So how was your practice and dinner?” Natalia asked.

“Boring...the whole time I wanted to leave and join you.” He told her.

“Is that it?” Natalia asked. Dallas smiled. She was always curious. “Yea...” He told her, kissed the top of her head.

“Are you sure that's all you have to tell me?” Natalia asked, once more. “Unfortunately, yes...that's all.”

“So you have nothing else to tell me?” “Nope.” Dallas replied, pulling her closer to him. “And you're sure?” She asked, looking up at him only to give him a questioning look. “Yup.” He said, with a grin. Natalia looked away, stiffening in his arms.

“How long can you stay?” Dallas asked. He held her tighter.

“I can't stay...I was finishing some work when you got home.” She told him.

So that's why she's so tense...Dallas thought.

“You went out without finishing your homework?” Dallas was surprised. “I forgot...” Natalia sounded defensive.

“Alright...fine...I'll let you go...” Dallas kissed her cheek one last time, before finally letting go.

“Goodnight, Lia.” Dallas said, as she got up. “'Night, Dallas...” Natalia said, crossing the room.

As Natalia closed the door of his room, Dallas turned off his lamp. He was too tired, his head had barely hit the pillow before he was fast asleep.


Natalia had had a very sleepless night. The entire time, she thought about what she had seen.

Why didn't he just tell me? She asked herself. She had asked him a number of times if he had something to tell her. Each time he had told her that he didn't.

It kept her wide awake throughout the night. When her alarm clock rang, she shut it off quickly. Natalia had set it to an earlier time. She was going to be taking the bus, avoiding Dallas. It was something she had mastered during his stay. Too bad there isn't a course 'How To Avoid People 101'...I'd ace that...she thought, rather glumly.

By the time Natalia had gotten to school, she could feel her head throbbing. A headache was on its way. Her miserable mood didn't go unnoticed.

“Hey, Lia. What's wrong?” Taylor asked, sounding concerned. It was only second period and she had her head in her hands. She was feeling nauseous. The glare of the computer screen wasn't exactly helping.

“I didn't get any sleep last night.” Natalia explained. “ come?” Taylor asked. “I guess caffeine and excitement are not exactly the best ingredients for a sound sleep...” She said, giving him a weak smile. Taylor laughed at that. “'ve got to be kidding me...” He shook his head, sounding exasperated.

“I'll be back.” She told him. Natalia went to her desk to grab Derek's phone. She hid it in her sleeve.

“Sir, may I go for a walk...I'm not feeling well?” Natalia asked the teacher. He nodded.

The class was going slowly, he had never minded students going for a walk for a few minutes. In Natalia's case, he didn't care. She was a good student.

Natalia hurried out of the class, and walked to the stairwell that led to the exit of the school.

Once outside she dialed Dallas's number. Natalia held her breath, hoping he would pick up.

“Hey, what's wrong? You left early this morning.” Dallas said, answering his phone. “Nothing...I had some stuff to do...I was just thinking about you...and I thought I would call you and ask...maybe we could go watch something tonight?” She asked, trying to quell her suspicion.

'Yes, of course.” Dallas agreed. She could hear the smile in his voice. “I missed you this morning.” He told her.

It was then that Natalia heard a female voice. Natalia's eyes narrowed. “Where are you?” Natalia asked, trying not to sound as though she was interrogating him.

“I'm at a cafe. I have to eat breakfast before practice.” Dallas said.

It was then that Natalia heard the voice again.

“Dallas...two days in a're looking good.” She heard the girl say.

The voice was recognizable...Natalia didn't even have to ask who it was.

“Who are you talking to, Dallas?” Natalia heard Mollie ask. Natalia gritted her teeth.

“You're with Mollie? Again?” Natalia asked, angrily.

“It's not what you think!” Dallas spluttered.

“Really?” Natalia said, incredulously. “Well...forget I called you. Have a nice time with Mollie!” Natalia hung up, before Dallas could say anything more.

He's always going to be that guy,,,he'll never change, she thought, angry with herself that she ever thought Dallas could be different. Natalia stormed back to class.


Putting his phone back in to his pocket, Dallas knew he was in trouble with Natalia. He looked angrily towards the cause of his problems. Mollie stood in front of him, looking innocent.

“What's her problem?” Mollie remarked.

“The same as mine. You.” Dallas told her, furiously.

“Dallas, clearly she doesn't like you enough. Why can't you just move on and be open to other options?” Mollie told him.

Dallas knew what she was insinuating. He didn't answer. He got his things together, getting ready to leave for practice.

“We should talk...” Mollie started.

“No, we shouldn't.” Dallas said to her, getting up. “I should never have talked to you in the first place.” He said, harshly. He stood facing her.

“Let's get this straight once and for all.” He told her. “I don't love you, Mollie. I never have and I never will.” He told her coldly. “There is nothing between us. So stay the hell away from me.” He told her, blatantly. Mollie looked stunned. Dallas shoved past her and left for practice, all the while knowing Natalia probably hated him.


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