Something Worth Fighting For
Author: Andene

Chapter 36
Watch Her Go

Chapter Thirty Six: Watch Her Go

Dallas had not been enjoying the week. It seemed that every time he turned he was facing Mollie. She had tracked Natalia down last week in the bookstore. Mollie was persistent. She had called him enough times, that he had lost count.

He couldn't tell if Natalia was faring any better. She had done a good job masking her irritation. Dallas could only guess what she was thinking. She was good at hiding her thoughts, sometimes it drove Dallas crazy not knowing what was going on in her head.

Waiting in the school parking lot for Natalia, he ran over what they were going to do. She had asked him to take her to 'Michael's'. She needed to buy some supplies for her upcoming projects. Apparently the grade 12 independent study unit had included writing a biography...said biography had to be presented to the teacher at some point. Natalia of course was going to make hers as real as possible.

Dallas heard the bell ring. Natalia was one of the first people to come out. She smiled as she saw him.

“Hi Dallas!” She said, as she got in to the car. Dallas kissed her. “Hey Natalia!” He said, as he started the car and drove out of the lot.

“You look thrilled to see me.” Dallas teased. “I'm just happy school's over for the day...I thought class was never going to end...” Natalia told him, sounding excited. “Why? Was it because you couldn't wait to see me?” Dallas asked.

“Yea...that's it.” Natalia sighed. “You can't stop me from hoping...” Dallas told her, grinning.

“So what did you do in class?” He asked. “Well last period...our computer engineering teacher was we were allowed on the computers! Taylor and I played games and watched videos when the supply was at her desk or had her back turned.” Natalia told him, she looked smug.

Dallas had to laugh, her idea of doing something bad in class was so innocent...he and Derek usually snuck out of class to join their friends and chat during their friend's lunch.

“So what did you do all day?” Natalia asked. “I went to practice. Came home. Slept. Woke up. Came to pick you up. Now I'm driving you to the store.” He told her.

“Wow...that must be so hard...” She told him, snickering.

Dallas smiled. “Yea...of course it is. Do you know how hard it is getting out of bed?” He asked her, jokingly.

“No...I wouldn't have a clue.” She told him, sarcastically.

“ what do you need to get?” He asked, changing the subject.

“Something to make my ISP look good...I have a general idea...I just need to see what I can use to make it.” She told him.


Natalia strolled through the aisles. She had left Dallas looking at some wallpaper. What exactly is he going to do with wallpaper? She asked herself.

Natalia found herself looking at a scrap book. It seemed like an interesting way to present a biography. She picked up two. It also seemed like a good way of putting things together for this year, maybe Derek and Dallas would help her.

She went and looked at some stickers and things to use in order to decorate the books.

Natalia found some metallic gel pens to write on the books with. Metallic colours always stood out on black paper. She took a pack. Natalia continued to look for more things.


Dallas was looking at some picture frames, he wanted something that was large enough for him to collage some pictures together.

He had gotten the pictures from the Spirit Week X Factor competition. Kevin had brought them over one day. Luckily, Natalia had been upstairs when he had come...or else Dallas would have a lot of explaining to do.

The pictures had made Dallas laugh out loud. Natalia had looked so flustered. There was even one with her glowering in his direction. That was one of his favorites.

Dallas picked up a chrome edged frame. It was certainly big enough for his purpose. Maybe he would give Natalia the collage for her birthday. That would be entertaining to watch. He was sure to get a rise from her.

“What are you doing here?”

Dallas almost dropped the frame he was holding. He whirled to see none other than Mollie standing behind him.

“Are you following me?” Dallas asked, irritated by her appearance.

“Why would I be following you?” Mollie asked, feigning innocence.

“I don't know...maybe because you seem to have it in your head that I like you even when I keep telling you that I don't.” Dallas told her, annoyance seeped into his voice.

He was tired of her showing up.

“Dallas, I know you like me...I also know you have no clue how to stay in a long term relationship.” Mollie told him, sounding confident.

The comment stung Dallas.

“Look, I'm not interested in you. So just go.” He told her, sounding cold.

“Alright, Dallas.” Mollie sounded as though she had finally given up.

“Thank you.” Dallas muttered. He turned to put the frame away. When he turned around, Mollie was standing up close to him.

“What are you doing?” Dallas, tried to move away.

“Are you still not interested?” Mollie asked, running a hand up his arm.

Dallas didn't like where this was going. The more he tried to get away from her, the more she tangled him with her. Mollie leaned in closer. Dallas couldn't move, she had pushed him into a rack.

He tried pushing her away, he didn't want to hurt her, so he refrained form using force. Dallas put his hands on her shoulders, trying to keep a distance from her.

“Mollie, you need to stop this.” He told her, seriously. Mollie wouldn't quit.

“What the hell!”

Dallas and Mollie both looked to see Natalia standing in front of them, bags in hand. She didn't seem to pleased about seeing Dallas in such a compromising position.


Natalia's anger flared, her fists were clenched. She didn't know who she was more angry at. Dallas, for ever getting involved with Mollie. Or Mollie, for following him around.

Mollie was making Natalia's life an obstacle course. Each time Natalia had thought she had cleared one, there was another obstacle for her to take care of.

She watched as Dallas finally untangled himself from Mollie. Dallas didn't look at her as he walked over to her. Natalia would deal with him later.

Mollie on the other hand looked unrepentant. There was a smirk playing on her lips. She had managed to accomplish something, that was for sure.

“How many times does Dallas have to tell you that he's taken?” Natalia asked, ice laced her tone.

Mollie didn't answer. She was clearly reveling in the discord she caused.

“For the last time. Stop stalking Dallas!” Natalia told her. She turned to take Dallas's hand. They left the store together.

Dallas turned to speak to her.

“Not a word.” Natalia warned him, furiously. The sunlight glinted off her eyes, showing the ice in them. She didn't want to hear anything. First she needed to calm down. Mollie was grating on Natalia's nerves. She was successfully wearing her down.

Natalia knew what thoughts were going to follow. Maybe it was better if Dallas and her broke up...Natalia shook the thoughts out of her head.

Dallas unlocked the car. They sat in silence. He didn't start the engine. Natalia took a deep breath, clearing her mind.

“Alright...I'll bite. Why was she here?” Natalia asked, irritation coloured her voice.

“I have no idea.” Dallas told her. Natalia didn't doubt him. Mollie's sporadic appearances weren't something either of them were able to predict.

“I'm telling you...she's stalking you, Dallas.” Natalia said, facing him.

“It's starting to feel that way.” Dallas admitted.

They sat in silence. What was there for her to say? How could she tell Dallas what Mollie's appearances were doing to her, without sounding insecure. Natalia determinedly kept her mouth shut.

“Natalia...I don't have feelings for her. I love you.” Dallas told her.

Natalia looked up at him. He sounded genuine. Natalia wanted believe him. There was a small part that still couldn't believe that Dallas Owen would actually love her. Mollie was the type of girl Dallas had been known to date back in high school. How many times had she seen him around the school with a girl like Mollie on his arm. But he changed, Natalia argued with herself.

“I believe you...but she's not making this any easier.” Natalia told him, trying her best to believe and not question him.

“I know...I wish I could get her to leave me alone.” Dallas muttered, he sounded as miserable about it as she felt.

They were quiet.

“Lia...I only love you.” Dallas spoke quietly, sounding earnest. “I know...I love you too.” Natalia told him. Dallas leaned over to kiss her. “Only you...” He told her. Natalia hoped his words were enough.


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