Something Worth Fighting For
Author: Andene

Chapter 35
Three Words

Chapter Thirty Five: Three Words

If Natalia had thought life was going to be quiet for a little while, now that prom had passed. She was dead wrong. Things never stayed silent for long.

“Oh Natalia! You have no idea how much you missed out on! It was beautiful! I swear everything looked perfect. Marissa and Raine looked so cute together!”

Silently groaning, Natalia had had to sit through Dawn and Clara's recreation of prom. They had gone through the entire night in painstaking detail. Natalia didn't know how she had managed to sit through the entire tale. She had been surprised they weren't exhausted from the night before, since she hadn't been expecting them to come.

Of course it wasn't only her friends that had been making sure that life wasn't going to be dull. The weekend after prom, Dallas had gotten her something.

Natalia sat on Dallas's bed. A blindfold was around her eyes. Dallas had told her to keep them closed until he told her to open them. She couldn't help but feel curious. The first time she had peaked, Dallas had come back and blindfolded her.

“Okay...ready?” Dallas asked. “What does it look like?” Natalia retorted.

Dallas took off her blindfold. Natalia opened her eyes. He was holding a chain in front of her. On the chain was a beautiful Victorian style key. On the flat part there was an 'N' engraved in Gothic lettering. Natalia flipped it to the other side only to find it lettered with a Gothic 'D'. She smiled.

“It's beautiful.” She told him. “That's why I got it for you.” he said to her with a smile.

Natalia couldn't help but comment. “Are you marking me?” She asked, snidely.

Dallas chuckled. “You mean as in marking my territory?” He asked her.

“Yea...” Natalia said. She couldn't help but grin. “You bet. Three words, Lia. You are mine.” He enunciated every word.

“So how am I supposed to mark you?” Natalia asked. “The jersey? Oh and the bear!” Dallas replied. He put the chain around her neck and did the clasp.

“No, it's not like you're going to wear them permanently!” She laughed. “And it's your name on them!” She told him. Natalia looked at the key that now hung around her neck.

“I'll think of something.” He said with a grin.

Natalia looked around the room. If she was going to wear the necklace...he was going to have something on him.

She looked at his desk and saw a thin permanent marker. Natalia smiled.

“I have an idea! But you have to promise me you won't do anything to remove it...remember you said you would do as I ask because of Spirit week!”


Dallas didn't like the sound of that. Instead of protesting he nodded in agreement.

He watched Natalia walk to the desk and get a marker.

“ you're actually going to mark me.” Dallas said, dryly.

“Yea.” Natalia told him, with a grin. “Don't one will notice.”

She sat behind Dallas on the bed. He heard her open the pen.

“Wait! Where are you drawing?” Dallas asked, in alarm.

“Don't worry! No one is going to see it unless...” Natalia sounded deep in thought.

“Unless what?” He asked.

“Unless you take your shirt off...oh wait! That means some of your team might see it...” She told him. He heard her laugh.

Dallas groaned. “But! They'll see!” He protested. “Yea...just like Clara and Dawn are going to notice!” She shot back. “Fine...” Dallas gave in.

He felt Natalia's fingers on the collar of his shirt and then brush against his back. They were cool. “Wait!” He said again.

He heard Natalia sigh. “What are you going to draw?” He asked her.

“Don't won't be anything girly.” She promised.

She put the pen to his skin. It was cold. Dallas shivered in spite of himself.

“Sorry...” Natalia mumbled.

She started to write. Dallas could only guess what it was.


Natalia couldn't help but laugh as she finished. She had tried so hard not to but in the end it was a bit much for her.

“Finished?” Dallas asked. “Yup.” She replied. She pulled the collar of his shirt back up.

“All done.” She told him.

“What did you write?” He asked her.

Natalia bit her tongue. “Don't's not bad.” She tried to reassure him.

When Dallas narrowed his eyes in suspicion, Natalia sighed.

“Give me your phone.” She told him. Dallas pulled it out of his pocket and handed it to her.

Natalia crawled on to his bed, behind him. Lowering the collar of his shirt once more. She took a picture of what she had written.

Dallas turned to face her, once she had taken the shot. She handed him the phone.


Upon seeing the picture Dallas groaned. She had been smart in what she had done.

The picture showed his skin marked with the words: This Belongs To Natalia. Underneath that line, in tiny script, she had written: If Found Please Call...writing in Derek's cell phone number. She had even drawn a key and lock on either end. On the key there was the letter 'N' and on the lock there was 'D'. It looked like a shirt tag. He tried to stop his laughter by biting down on his toungue.

It didn't work, he couldn't help but laugh. Natalia was already laughing at his reaction. She gave him a light kiss.

“Funny...” Dallas muttered. He had to kind of was.


Natalia was standing looking at a book in the bookstore. Dallas had gone to the 'Nike' store across from her to pick up some sports equipment. She had tagged along, having finished her homework and finding nothing else to do. It gave her a chance to spend a some time with Dallas anyway.

Glancing at the cover before turning the book and reading the summary. The book seemed interesting.

“Aren't you Derek's sister?”

Natalia couldn't help but frown as she recognized the voice. She turned to face Mollie.

“Where's Dallas? Or did you two break up?” Mollie asked with a smirk.

“He's gone to get something. And no we haven't broken up.” Natalia replied through gritted teeth.

“Not yet.” She heard Mollie mutter.

Natalia ignored her, hoping she would leave soon. Clearly Natalia had been hoping for far too much.

“I still don't get what he sees in you...your just Derek's kid sister...” Mollie spoke. She didn't look like she would be leaving anytime soon.

Natalia glowered at her book. Biting her tongue, Natalia wasn't about to let Mollie rile her.

“One of these days he's going to wake up. And when that day comes he's going to leave you...for me.” Mollie sounded confident.

Natalia could feel the other girl's gaze on her. Mollie was watching her carefully, for any reaction or sign of weakness, she clenched her jaw to keep from responding.

Natalia put the book away. She didn't want to stay near Mollie any longer. Her temper would get the better of her if she stayed for even a moment more. As she headed for the exit, Mollie spoke again.

“What? Did I touch a nerve?” She asked, sounding unapologetic. She looked happy to see Natalia retreating.

Natalia couldn't help herself, her anger got the better of her. “Three words, Mollie. Get. A. Life.” She told her nonchalantly. With that she left Mollie to find Dallas.


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