Something Worth Fighting For
Author: Andene

Chapter 23
Big Brother's Watching

Chapter Twenty Three: Big Brother's Watching

Dallas was the first to wake up. He awoke to find Natalia's brown hair strewn across his pillow. He could smell the flowery fragrance from her shampoo. It wasn't overpowering, or too sweet. It smelled lovely. It suited her. He looked down at Natalia, she had one arm wrapped around his, while the other rested on his chest.

Dallas moved carefully, as to not wake her up. He watched her sleeping peacefully. There was a tiny smile playing on her lips.

Dallas was curious, he wanted to know what she had been dreaming about. He didn't have to wait long to ask. Dallas watched as Natalia's eyes fluttered open. As soon as she saw him, her smile became more pronounced.

“Good morning, beautiful.” Dallas said to her. He kissed her forehead. “Good moring.” She replied. “Sleep well?” He asked, as Natalia moved so that her head rested on his shoulder. She looked at him, her eyes sparkled. “Yes. Did you sleep well?” She asked. “Yea.” He told her with a grin.

They lay there, watching each other, as the sunlight trickled trough the cracks in the curtains.

Dallas had one arm underneath his head, while the other had pulled Natalia closer to him.

“Dream well?” He asked out of curiousity. Natalia smirked. “Yup.” She told him simply, not elaborating. “You looked happy.” Dallas told her his observation. “I am.” She said simply. “I bet you dreamed of me.” He told her cockily. Natalia laughed lightly upon hearing this. “What if I didn't?” She asked mischieviously. “Well then, I'm going to have to do something drastic, in order for you not to forget me in your dreams.” He told her with a grin.

“Like what?” She asked curiously. “This.” He replied, kissing the tip of her nose. 'And this.” He told her, kissing the base of her neck. “And this...” He could hear Natalia stop breathing, as he kissed a path from the base of her neck all the way close to her lips. “Lastly, this...” He kissed her deeply. When he ended it, he could hear Natalia's tiny gasp for air. Her eyes were blissfully closed, they opened with a flourish. “You'll definitely be dreaming of me tonight.” He said to her with a smug grin. “You might just get your wish.” Natalia conceded. She was flushed.

“Go get dressed.” Dallas told her. She looked at him questioningly. “We'll do something, together.” He told her with a smile.

Reluctantly, Natalia got up, but not before Dallas had snagged another kiss. She threw a pillow at him, which he caught.

Dallas watched Natalia leave. He lay in his bed, trying to commit each moment permanently into his memory. Soon he got up to get dressed. He was looking forward to the whole day with Natalia.


Natalia's good mood was hard not to notice. Dawn and Clara were suspicious, even the guys were surprised by her unusually cheerful demeanor. It wasn't like she was always serious, it was just she always had seemed stressed out. For some reason now she looked relaxed.

“So what are you up to?” Dawn asked her. “Nothing.” Natalia said, looking up from her papers. Her film course required her to write a script. She was reading about how to properly format the script, and was brainstorming ideas.

“Why so cheerful these days?” Clara asked. “What are you talking about?” Natalia asked, puzzled. “Are you seeing someone?” Dawn asked, instead of answering Natalia's question. “She's definitely seeing someone.” Dawn concluded. Natalia kept quiet. “You are! Aren't you?” Clara said with a squeal. Natalia shook her head.

She wasn't about to tell them about Dallas. Those two are like hawks, ready to kill...Natalia thought with disdain.

“Oh come on! Lia! Tell us who he is? Do we know him?” Clara asked. “Is it Dallas?” Dawn said with her eyes narrowed. “Why would you say that?” Natalia asked, taken aback. “Well you haven't really been complaining about him as much these days.” Dawn told her.

When Natalia didn't answer, the two of them could hardly contain their excitement. “You are seeing Dallas! I knew it!” Dawn shrieked. “No! I'm not!” Natalia said, hoping to quell their thoughts. “Lia, your a horrible liar.” Clara said to her.

Natalia sighed, and continued her work. Ignoring questions from the other two.


The entire week, Natalia had crept in to Dallas's room at night. It was hard to stay away. Each night she had fallen asleep in his arms, feeling safe and secure.

It was Wednesday night, Natalia had been working on her script the entire time after school. She hadn't gotten to talk to Dallas very much. It was odd how accostomed to his preseance she already was. She couldn't help but feel lonely when she hadn't seen him for a long amount of time.

Natalia waited until she knew Derek was asleep. Without any hesitation , she threw away the covers of her bed and boldly walked across the hall.

Again, Natalia knocked. “Dallas?” She whispered. It had become somthing of a routine. When she entered his room, she could see him propped on his bed, expecting her.

“Hello, Natalia.” Dallas said with a smile, as she came over and cuddled up to him. “Hello.” She waited for him. Soon enough he kissed her.

Natalia could feel the rush. It was these moments that she had started to long for. She pulled away, and rested her head on his shoulder.


Dallas had gotten used to Natalia coming over in the night. It was the most enjoyable part of his day. At night he didn't have to be careful, he didn't have to worry about anything. He had Natalia, and that was enough for him.

He kissed her again. He had made up his mind. Tonight, he was going to tell her exactly what he felt for her. Natalia lay in his arms, her fingers drawing another pattern on his shirt.

“Natalia,” Dallas started. She looked up to face him. “I'm glad you gave me another chance.” He told her. Natalia smiled. “You're lucky.” She said to him, she was grinning.

Dallas couldn't find the right words to tell her. He wanted to tell her what he felt, but was it too soon to call it love? Instead he tried something else. “I just want you to know that the feelings I have for you...I've never had for anyone else.” He told her, gathering her closer to him. “Do you mean that?” She asked him, eyeing him carefully. “I swear it.” He told her.


Natalia felt her heart beat faster. She couldn't believe Dallas was telling her how he felt.

“I just want to know how you feel about me...” Natalia heard him trail off.

Love was too strong a word. She didn't want to scare Dallas off. In actuality, she did love him. She had never wanted anyone else after all these years, as much as she wanted him. Even Raine couldn't compete with Dallas. Instead she tried to word her response carefully.

“You're mine, just as much as I'm your's. I don't have feelings for any one else except you.” She told him, honestly.

Dallas kissed her deeply. They both seemed to be relieved, knowing how the other felt.


Dallas didn't know when they had fallen asleep. His eyes were closed, but his mind was wandering about the events of last night.

Natalia thought he was hers. Just as he had thought she was his. It made him feel like he was on top of the world. Dallas drifted back into sleep.

Soon he heard a voice. “Natalia! Get up!” A door closed, and his door was opened.

“Dallas, have you seen...” The words trailed off. “Ahhh!” It was Derek yelling. Both Dallas and Natalia shot up. “Ahhh!” The two of them shouted. “Oh shitting hell!” Dallas heard Derek shouting.

Derek looked furious, even furious couldn't describe what Dallas saw. Dallas and Natalia had jumped out of the bed, when they had heard Derek shout.

“What the hell!” Derek boomed. Dallas saw Natalia move closer to him. “What were you two thinking? Oh sweet hell...” Derek started on another round of curses. As Natalia opened her mouth to say something, Derek held up his hand. “I don't want to know, seriously Lia...don't tell me or I will kill you both.” Derek said, his hands were covering his eyes.

“Derek, nothing happened.” Dallas told him. “We're both fully clothed.” Dallas pointed out, trying to calm Derek down.

Derek peered between his fingers. A woosh of relief could be heard. Natalia took that moment to rush out of the room and get ready for school.

Derek watched her go, and Dallas turned to grab his clothes to change into. He had practice before lunch. It wasn't long before Derek rounded on him.

“What the hell were you thinking?” Derek asked, angrily. “I don't know.” Dallas answered. “I swear nothing happened.” He tried to reassure Derek. “What if my parents had come in? You two would have been in deep shit. You are lucky their not home yet.” Derek cursed. Dallas didn' say anything.

“You idiots, you bloody idiots. Did you not think that you both could get in trouble?” Derek asked, incredulously. “I'm sorry.” Dallas muttered.

“You're sorry? Sorry doesn't cover what a mess this could have been.” Derek raged on. “Dallas, I need to know something. I can't ask you this enough.” Derek said, his voice eerily calm. Dallas faced him. “I need to know you're not playing with her...that this isn't a game.” Derek said to him, he had asked this before, he sounded protective and worried at the same time. “Derek, I swear...this isn't a game. I love her.” He told his best friend.

It was the first time he had told anyone. It wasn't something he questioned anymore. He knew he loved Natalia, there was no doubt in his mind.

“Dallas, you're my best friend, you're like my brother...if you end up hurting her...I don't know what I'll I'm asking you, please...please be careful with Natalia.” Derek told him, in a serious tone. “I promise, I won't hurt Natalia.”


Natalia didn't have long to wait, Derek entered her room, just as she expected him to. She knew she was in for one long lecture, courtesy of her older brother.

“Before you start, nothing happened.” She reiterated. “I know.” Derek said, he looked as though he was fighting to stay calm. He closed the door, and sat on her bed. Natalia stood against the wall.

“Lia, I don't want anything to happen to you.” He told her. “I don't want you getting hurt, and I don't want you getting in trouble...” Natalia could see he was worried.

“I just want you to can't sleep in Dallas' room...or vice versa...” Derek said, covering any loopholes. “What if Mom or Dad come in? You two would be seriously in trouble.” He said. “So please stop...” He pleaded with her.

“Alright, fine. I won't.” Natalia didn't want to lie, but she knew it would be a little hard trying to break her habit.

“Natalia, I swear if I find you out of your bed I will...” Derek started. “You will what? Lock me in my room? Like that'll work.” Natalia told him stubbornly.

“Natalia...” Derek seemed to look deflated. “Look, I promise I won't do anything stupid. Can't you at least be happy I'm not dating Raine! You always said that you'd rather me date Dallas than some other jerk.” Natalia rounded on Derek.

“I's just...I don't want either of you to get hurt. He's my best friend.” He told her, Natalia could see he was geniunely concerned. He had a huge hand in raising her all these years. Derek had gone everywhere for her, she knew there wasn't anything he wouldn't do for her. “And especially since you're my little sister.” Derek told her.

“I promise I'll be good.” She told him. Derek walked over to Natalia. “You'd better be good. I don't want either of you getting in trouble with Mom or Dad.” He gave her a tight hug. “Okay.” She agreed.

Natalia watched Derek stalk away. He was heading down the stairs. Natalia glanced at the clock. She was going to be late for school if she didn't get a move on.

“Natalia! Let's go, you're going to be late.” Natalia smiled. Dallas was calling her.

Grabbing her bag, she walked down the stairs with a spring in her step.


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