Something Worth Fighting For
Author: Andene

Chapter 22
This Heart Is Missing You...

Chapter Twenty Two: This Heart Is Missing You...

It had been a long week for Natalia. She hadn't seen Dallas very much. Even though they had just started to go out, it felt as though they had been together forever. These feelings were hard to control. Even in school she had been spacing out.

He had been at a mandatory team practices for most of the week. They had been held in Toronto. He had finally gotten back last night. She hadn't seen him today, except for a few fleeting moments. Her Saturday had been boring.

Natalia stared towards the ceiling in her dark room. She couldn't sleep. Some part of her was whirring with excitement. She wanted to see Dallas. These feelings were making her giddy. She needed to control herself.

Throwing caution to the wind, Natalia swung her feet over the side of her bed and crept out of her room. She didn't think she would have attempted this stunt had her parents not been at her grandmother's home.

She walked to the door across from her own and knocked lightly. “Dallas?” She whispered, hoping that he was still awake. She opened the door.


Dallas was pleasently surprised, to say the least, when he heard Natalia's voice.

“Yea?” He called back to her. “Are you awake?” She asked. Dallas chuckled. “Yep.” There was silence. “What's wrong?” He asked. “Nothing...why does something have to be wrong for me to come to you?” She asked. Natalia sounded a little offended. “Well if something wasn't wrong, you wouldn't be here.” He told her, factually. His reply was met with silence.

“I missed you. That's all...I haven't seen you all week.” He heard Natalia whisper. Dallas smiled to himself. It was rare for Natalia to confess these things.

“I missed you too...why don't you come here?” He asked, hoping she would come over to him. He heard the door close, and listened as Natalia's soft footsteps drew near. He moved over to make room for her on his bed. She sat down next to him.

“So what do I owe this pleasure to?” Dallas asked her as he turned on his reading lamp.

Natalia's blue eyes sparkled in the light. “I already told you.” She said to him. Her knee length night gown flowed with each of her movements. The colours were ocean like. It suited her.

“Aww, come on. I just want to hear you say it again.” He pleaded with her. Dallas pulled Natalia into his arms, covering them both with his blanket. He heard her sigh softly.

“Fine...” She said, giving in. “I missed you.” Natalia said, not looking at him. Dallas could see the blush on her cheeks spread, like a wild fire. He stifled the grin that had been making its way on to his face, he made sure not to chuckle. He knew Natalia well enough to know she would make him pay dearly for it. He may have gotten past her defesnses, but she still enjoyed tourturing him when he slipped up.

Natalia reached for him. He complied, knowing what she was after. His lips brushed hers, and when she pulled away Dallas saw the content look in her eyes.

He wrapped his arms around her. “So, why aren't you asleep yet?” He asked, Natalia shurgged. “I don't feel like sleeping.” She told him. “ what do you feel like doing?” Dallas asked out of curiousity.

The answer was another pleasent surprise. Natalia had leaned over to kiss him. When she pulled away this time, it was hard for Dallas not to miss the smile planted on her lips.

“My, aren't we a tad bit affectionate tonight?” Dallas asked, teasingly. “Don't get used to it.” Natalia shot back. “I wouldn't ever dream of getting used to this.” He said with a grin, leaning in for another kiss. “I should be away more often. This is very rewarding.” Dallas thought out loud.

He paid the price for his remark, Natalia shoved him away lightly. “Don't start getting any ideas.” She told him. “I'm not getting any ideas...I'm getting realities.” Dallas told her, snarkily. “Right...that doesn't make any sense.” She told him. “It does to me...” Dallas said, leaning in for another kiss.

They were quiet for a moment. It was peaceful. No one else, although Derek was home, was awake.

Dallas had Natalia all to himself, he realized happily. He leaned his back against the pillows on his bed. He drew Natalia towards him. Her head nestled in the crook of his shoulder, her hand rested on his chest. She was making little circles on his shirt. Dallas brought up the hand that wasn't holding her close, and entwined his fingers with hers.


Natalia watched contentedly as Dallas pulled her right hand towards him. He looked at it closely, as if he were examining it.

He frowned as he looked at her thumb. “What happened?” He asked her. He was reffereing to the diagonal slash in the row of horizontal lines of her joint. “I got cut by a broken was a long time in grade two.” She told him.

Dallas gently kissed her thumb. As he looked across the back of her hand, something caught his attention. It was another scar. This one was curved downwards and covered a fifth of her hand. It was skinny, and light, and it was almost unnoticeable. 'What about this one?” He asked her.

“I got scratched last year by some scrap metal.” She told him. Again, Dallas kissed her hand. He moved on, until he saw the last marking on her right hand. “What happened here?” He asked, looking at the diagonal cut above the knuckle of her pinky.

Natalia sighed. “I-I was working on a wooden car last year...trying to carve it with a Swiss knife...and it folded back on to my hand.” At this they both winced simultaneously. “That's got to hurt.” She heard Dallas mutter. He gave her pinky three kisses.

Dallas pulled her closer and kissed her softly. His lips were warm. Natalia couldn't remember the last time she had craved something the way she craved him. She had put a hand on his cheek, lengthening the kiss.

When they pulled away, Natalia rested her head on a pillow. She was happy being next to Dallas, she was happy just to see him. He still had one arm underneath her, pulling her to him.

“You need sleep.” Dallas said with a chuckle. “No...” Natalia tried to stifle a yawn. “Yes, you do.” He told her, when she failed.

Dallas shut off his reading lamp. They lay there, facing each other. Silently watching one another. Even in the dark, Natalia could see his borwn eyes twinkle.

He moved closer to her. The tip of their noses touching. He kissed her; again, and again. Tiny kisses, that slowly lengthened.

Natalia couldn't believe she had gone so long without him. She didn't want him to leave; ever.


Dallas ended the kiss to look at her. Even in the darkness, her blue eyes shimmered. The light from the moon, that came from a crack in betweeen the curtains, gave her face a soft angelic touch.

Dallas caressed her face, he would have happily stayed like this forever.

Natalia leaned in for another kiss. Her arms had manged to wrap themselves around his neck. She pulled him in deeper. When it ended, Dallas watched her.

Her eyes were heavy with sleep, she huddled closer to him. “Goodnight, Lia.” He whispered to her. “'Night, Dallas.” She mumbled. He kissed her one last time. A soft sigh escaped from her lips.

As long as she was happy, so was he. Dallas watched as Natalia drifted off into sleep. He listened as her breaths became even, her wrapped his finigers with hers. Her hand seemed to fit perfectly into his.

“I love you, Natalia.” Dallas whispered, shocked at the depth of his feelings for the slumbering girl. “Only you.” He promised a sleeping Natalia.

Soon enough, Dallas felt his eyelids droop with sleep. It wasn't long before he too had drifted off and fallen asleep.


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