Something Worth Fighting For
Author: Andene

Chapter 19

Chapter Nineteen: Issues

Dallas walked aimlessly to a chair. There was no point in staying at the party now. Natalia had left, and so had Derek.

“Why so miserable, Dallas?” Asked a female voice from behind him. Dallas groaned inwardly. The reason he was probably going to get another silent treatment from Natalia stood behind him. Dallas didn't answer.

“Do you like that girl?” Mollie asked as she walked in front of him, trying to decipher his expression. Dallas kept his face blank. He ignored her question.

“You know what, I think I'm going to go.” He told Mollie, enough damage had been done tonight. “See you around Dallas.” Mollie said in a promising voice. Not if I can help it, Dallas thought. Instead he waved goodbye to her, and headed out.


Natalia sat in the living room. Sunday had not come soon enough. Hopefully she would be on her way to her cousin's house in a few hours...finally away from Dallas.

Natalia had already decided she wasn't going to avoid Dallas...nor was she going to give him the silent treatment. Instead she had reverted back to sniping at him at every turn. It was easier this way. He had looked surprised when he had said good morning to her, the fact that she had replied even though it was mean spirited, her speaking to him had shocked him.

Instead of avoiding him at every turn, Natalia had decided to become inevitable. She was going to make him pay dearly. She felt stupid for believing him, thinking that he actually wanted her to come. Natalia shook the thoughts from her mind.

She was sitting on the sofa, waiting for her father to get ready to leave. Natalia had already packed her things. Her father was double checking if he had all his things for meeting his clients.

Natalia flipped through one of her books. She couldn't remember what she had been reading about so far.

Mollie and Dallas kept grating on her nerves. Derek had said that Dallas wasn't interested in Mollie. Then why was he with her, Natalia wondered.

Natalia heard foot steps coming towards the living room. It was Dallas. Speak of the devil, Natalia thought. She was going to vent her frustration on the perfect victim.

“How are you?” Dallas asked a little hesitantly. “Fine, until you came along.” Natalia told him with a scowl. “How is the book?” Dallas. “Misleading...just like you.” She sniped. Dallas didn't respond to her jibe.

Dallas looked a little saddened when she had said that. A part of her wanted to give him a break, it lost to the louder part that wanted to shred him into tiny little peices.

When it looked like Dallas was going to say something, Natalia decided to walk away. She had never liked insulting a person, even if it was Dallas...even if he deserved it.

“Natalia...” He started, Natalia had gotten off the couch. “Where are you going?” He asked. He really was a glutton for punishment. “Away from you.” She told him.

His brown eyes looked at her apologetically. She looked away and left to get her things and check on her father.


Dallas watched Natalia leave the living room. He had to give her credit, she knew how to put salt in a wound. Dallas had come home expecting a silent treatment waiting for him.

He had to admit that Natalia talking to him, was mind boggling. Although anytime he asked her anything, she managed to turn the answer into an insult. At least she's still talking to me, he thought. That was an improvement of sorts.

He had no idea how he was going to get through a week without Natalia. He wanted to set things right between them.

Derek hadn't had the chance to kill him yet. Derek had been busy with work much to Dallas' relief. Dallas had gotten off lightly so far. Dallas sat on the couch, where Natalia had been sitting. He picked up her book. 'Angels & Demons', Natalia must have read it a hundred times already. The cover looked a bit worn. Dallas walked to his room, with the book in his hand. He had nothing else to do, he was going to apologise to Natalia.

Dallas sighed, this was going to be hard.


Natalia scrambled around her room. Where had she placed that book? It had been in her hands moments ago. “Books, don't dissappear.” Natalia muttered out of frustration. Her father was leaving in fifteen minutes, and her book was missing.

Natalia decided to look under her bed. Once she had stuck her head under, she could see there was no sign of it, there was a knock on the door.

“Come in.” Natalia said distractedly. “Are you looking for something?” Asked an unmistakable voice. Natalia got out from under her bed, only to face Dallas.

She ran a hand through her messed up hair. She hadn't said anything. “Have you lost something?” Dallas asked again. “Yea, my sanity.” She muttered. It had been incredibly stupid of her to like him, she thought for the millionth time. It had been a lapse in her judgement.

“What was that?” Dallas asked. “Nothing.” Natalia said quickly. She turned her back on him. She looked over her desk again. “You wouldn't be looking for this, by any chance?” She heard him ask.

Natalia whirled on the spot, only to see him holding her book. Natalia wanted to kick him. “Can I have it back?” She asked. “Nope.” he told her.

She should have known it was going to be a game. Everything was a game with him. It was getting on her nerves. “Not until you hear me out.” Dallas told her.

Natalia looked at him scathingly. “Forget it. That's not going to happen.” She wanted to pull out another book and be nonchalant about it. Yet then he would have her book...and he would win.

“Just give me my book, Dallas.” She said to him. “No. Not until you let me explain.” Dallas told her stubbornly.

Natalia bit her toungue in frustration. This was going no where. They stood there in a dead lock. Neither of them were going to budge.


“Natalia! We're leaving.” Dallas heard Natalia's father call.

Natalia raised an eyebrow towards him, he knew full well that she had been given a good chance to exit.

She smirked at Dallas. Her eyes had an icy glint, giving her a dangerous look. She walked up to him. Dallas didn't move as she approached him. They were standing face to face. He held his breath. She was glaring at him.

“Looks like I won't have to hear you out after all.” Natalia told Dallas and she yanked the book out of his hands. Dallas didn't stand a chance trying to keep his grip on the book.

Dallas watched Natalia leave, without even saying goodbye.


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