The High Queen Sorceress (complete)
Author: jessicaw

Chapter 30
Chapter 30

Dana couldn’t believe her eyes as she watched what was happening down below. Everywhere she looked, moving colors whirled here and there. Intense pinks, bright oranges, dark Blues, lavenders, yellows, reds, and lots and lots of green created a fantastic moving mosaic as the flowers tore through Haden’s army.  

A small, brief breeze rippled through the air then dissipated. Girelight folded her wings back as she crouched next to Dana, surveying the fighting as one of the flowers fell, it’s pink and white petals and bright green leaves raining down like snow. 

“I see you figured out what to do with the warrior’s spirits I gave you.” She said, without looking at Dana.

“You knew?” Dana questioned. “You knew the battle would find its way here?” 

“Of course not. I knew you needed protection, but I had no way to predict that the war would find its way inside of your house. Not to this magnitude anyway. I also had no idea that you would of found such an incredible sorceress.”  

“What do you mean?” Dana asked, a cold numbing feeling washing through her as she turned to face her great, great grandmother.

Girelight’s yellow, cat like eyes locked on to her as she blinked. “Those spirits were meant to protect you, but instead they are fighting to protect her. You must have taught her well if she could command their presence so easily.” 

She yawned, exposing rows of little sharp yellow teeth as her dark complexion melted away, leaving her in her true form, the way Dana wished to view her. Dana smiled as she realized what her grandmother met before turning to continue observing the fighting. Dana had done a good job and taught Keara well. It was a small glimmer of hope that Keara might not be struck down like the sitting duck she was, like the sitting ducks they all were.

She looked around for a moment, trying to spot the sorcerer as she planned an action of attack. If she could just catch him off guard, then perhaps her magic could over power him.                                                 

Datameon floated up in front of the balcony, eye level with her. When she looked up and realized he was there, she gave a start and staggered back several paces, tripping over her own feet. Kadala tried to transform back into Girelight, but he locked on to her magic and instead forced her to the ground.

“Your making this way too easy on me.” He sniggered as he bobbed up and down in front of them. “Go ahead; use your magic against me. It’s your turn.” He said, taunting Dana.                                                         

“What do you want from me? My kingdom? Then fine, go ahead and kill me, then you can have it.” She said resentfully as she sucked in a deep breath of air and stood as tall as she was able. Datameon cackled again as he flipped around in the air, letting the yellow and black magic crackle at his fingertips.                           

He floated over the railing and landed gently on the floor, aiming his angry fingers at Kadala, shooting a spell at her. It ensnared her body like a net and she screamed in pain as the yellow tendons of it pressed into her flesh.    

 “I don’t want to kill you!” He shrieked, turning back to Dana as he relished in Kadala’s screams. “I’m going to take you and bind your magic so that you cannot use it against me. Then you and the rest of your little sorceress friends are going to breed me an army of powerful sorcerers! Then this one is going to connect the rest of the worlds for me so that my sons and I can over take the entire universe!” he said, turning to face Kadala.

His back was to Dana. She closed her mind against him, summoned the most powerful disarming spell she could, and aimed it at him. Before she even got the chance to cast it, he grabbed ahold of her magic and threw her backward. She flew across the balcony and smashed hard into the railing. As she tried to scramble to her feet, he was on top of her, beating and tearing at her face like a hungry tiger. She threw her hands up in an effort to ward him off, unable to concentrate long enough to try another spell.

He flew backward, landing on the balcony railing as more yellow and black energy spilled from his fingers, ensnaring Dana before she could even sit up. She fell back in pain, screaming as the magical netting tore into her muscles, grabbing ahold of her magic and ripping it out of her body. She thrashed in pain as the ropes burned her flesh, but she could not break free. Datameon stood over her, laughing in glee as he watched her suffer.  

When he had his fill, he rose back into the air and flew over the banister, landing in the center of the battle where Brine and Keara stood. He silently chanted to himself as he wafted closer to the ground.

A stillness stole over everyone and everything in the gardens. The flowers and fighters frozen where they stood, unable to move as they watched him. Datameon advanced on Keara. Dana’s magic coursed through his veins like a drug. He advanced on her, the yellow and black magic surrounding him as he placed each bare foot slowly, meaningfully onto the ground.

Awwww” he said as Brine stood frozen in place, still brandishing his sword. “The toy soldier thinks he can defeat me!” He used his magic to take Brine’s sword and sent it flying through the air. It clattered uselessly on the ground, several hundred yards out of reach. He continued to advance, his eyes locked on Brine as he slowly raised his hands, deciding just how he would tear this particular simple, stupid mortal apart.

Fear boiled inside of Keara as he approached. She didn’t know what to do. This man was going to kill her. He was going to kill Brine. Even though no one else was caible of movement, for some reason, Keara still was. Perhaps it was because she had no weapon and was therefore no threat.                 

She looked down at her dark blue dress, her fingers resting against the fabric. She stared at it for a moment and it reminded her of the kindness of the man in the dress shop. Of the happiness of his wife, and the warm smiles they had all shared.

Brine bought her that dress. No one had ever bought her anything before. No one had ever shown her kindness before. She rubbed her hand on the material, feeling its texture as emotion began washing over her. Brine was a good man. He saved her life and sewed her head up when he could have let her bleed to death. He’d given her food, let her sleep in his bed, allowed her to ride on a horse. He had bought her shoes and let her make decisions. He treated her with kindness. He had protected her. No one had ever protected her before.

He made her understand that not all men were mean and women should be treated as equals, not as monsters and certainly not as the dirt beneath their feet. Not all men were bad. Falfa was nice. She liked Falfa, and Gorden. He felt safe. He was kind to her, just like Brine. And now this bad man was going to kill Brine and her too.  

Tears began to flood down her face as she thought of Brine suffering at this man’s hand. Anger and sadness welled up in her stomach, knotting itself into a tight ball. She threw her head back with the rage and screamed as loud as she could. She could feel the ball of emotion as it worked its way up her stomach and through her breast. The more she screamed, the more it moved and the bigger it grew, burning her throat and filling her mouth to the point that she almost couldn’t breathe. She screamed as the tears continued to fall from her dark brown eyes. She could feel it as it reached her lips and spilled out into the world, chocking and blinding her all at once. It made her back arch and her hands fall uselessly to the sides.  

It was a bright blue light. It left her lips like a fireball, eclipsing the entire palace in its brilliant, arresting glow. It encircled everyone present, itching along their skin and burning Haden’s men. They shrieked, unable to move, still held in place by Datameon’s spell as Keara’s own magic inked its way across them, killing them and turning their flesh to ash with nothing but a quiet sizzle.

Datameon was lifted high into the air. He screamed in fear and rage as he tried to counter act it, but there was nothing he could do. His magic, even with the added powers of the High Queen Sorceress was no match.

He looked down at Keara as the cold hard truth suddenly struck him. His eyes were large and filled with knowing. He glanced up at the balcony where Dana still writhed from his magic. If the High Queen Sorceress was not immune to his powers but this simple wretch of a girl was, then he had made a grave mistake and identified his enemy incorrectly. He opened his mouth as the realization overtook him and let out an angry cry. He was no longer aware of the magic coursing through his body as it forced his flesh to expand and his bones to snap. All he could think about was the first and last true High Queen Sorceress and that little girl.

He exploded, his body disintegrating before the pieces even began to fall. His angry screams of realization still lingering in the quiet, late afternoon air.

Keara fell to her knees, sobbing uncontrollably, completely unaware of what she had just done. Brine knelt down to comfort her. She sniffled as she rubbed the back of her hand across her nose, snuggling into his protective chest as tight as she could. 

Up on the Balcony, Dana and Kadala lay panting, the ropes that held them gone, their magic slowly restoring itself. Kadala slowly pushed herself into a sitting position, looking around with wide eyes. “What happened?” She asked as Dana started pushing herself up as well.                                                                

They looked around in shocked silence, then at each other. Falfa came running onto the balcony, his eyes wide and his hands shaking as he hurried to Dana’s side. “Are you alright?” he asked, staring at her bruised face. 

“I’m ok Falfa. What’s going on?” She asked, gladly taking his hand and carefully getting to her feet. Once she was standing on her own, Falfa ran over and helped Kadala up. “She killed him.” He said in a shaky tone, glancing toward the center of the garden. “What?” Dana asked, her own eyes growing wide at his report.

“It’s true.” He said. “I saw it with my own eyes. She killed him and the rest of the king’s army. Look.” The three of them walked over to the railing and peered down. Below, most of the flowers had returned to the flower beds. Dana smiled at the sight of them. While some of them were no longer there, she was relieved to see that so many had survived. People and corps lay everywhere, littering the ground to the point that she couldn’t see it anymore. She was glad to see so many people left alive, but there were more dead bodies than there were live ones.

In the center, Keara and Brine stood embracing. Off to the west, a man was making their way towards them. It was Gorden. Dana smiled in relief and astonishment as she turned to Kadala.                               

“What did you know about this?” She asked, indicating Keara. Kadala smiled. “Nothing. I simply came to collect the souls of those worthy enough. She said as she pulled out another pouch similar to the one with the spirits of the warriors in it she had given Dana.

Down in the gardens, Falfa and Dana approached Keara. The rest of the sorceresses were just arriving. They flowed into the gardens, watching from the door way as Dana picked her way across the sea of dead corps, towards Keara. 

“Congratulations.” Dana said warmly, giving Keara a big hug. “You are an incredible sorceress and I look forward to teaching you everything you’re going to need to properly rule.”                                    

“I don’t understand.” Keara said, scrunching up her face. “What’s happened?” Dana pulled her close, kissing her dirty hair. “You defeated the Gatapean sorcerer, one of the most powerful men to ever walk the face of Hapsata.”

She turned to face the sorceresses who were grouped together and watching from the entry way.  

“Long live Keara Lilithin, the true High Queen Sorceress!” she yelled into the crowd, dropping to her knees as she did.

The rest of the sorceresses picked up the chant, each also shouting Long live the true High Queen Sorceress as they bowed to Keara. Soon, every one of the fighters who were still standing began to chant long live the true High Queen Sorceress! As they dropped to their knees. Brine grinned at his father then turned and winked at Keara as he and Gorden both dropped to the ground, shouting out “Long live the true High Queen Sorceress!”

Keara smiled a weak and confused grin as her cheeks flushed red and waited for them all to get back on their feet.

“You saved us all.” Dana said, smiling sweetly. “Since you are a Lilithin, I hereby relinquish my crown and the seer’s glass to you. Come, we have much to go over. Ask me anything you want.”                                

She took Keara by the shoulders and began leading her back toward the palace as cheers erupted from the on lookers. Brine and Gorden followed them, joining with the sorceresses who were advancing toward them and Queen Valencia as they walked.                                                                                                       

For the first time, Taddy and Valencia came face to face. They were identical in every way except for Taddy’s bright, emerald green eyes with their gem like quality and Valencia’s pale blue eyes that emulated the essence of winter. They hugged each other as both started to tear up.                                              

Victory had been won. The worlds were safe and the evil sorcerer destroyed. The ancient line of Lilithin power was restored and now things could get back to normal. The air was light with merriment as everyone rejoiced, relived to be done with such a grave chapter in their lives.                     

As they headed out of the garden, a loud popping noise ripped through the air, followed by a louder cracking. The ground began to tremble and Keara grabbed ahold of Brine’s muscular arm as they lost their balance, toppling backward. 

The cracking sound grew louder as did the shaking earth. It sounded like something was breaking. The terrified people screamed as they all lost their footing, falling over each other as the world rocked back and forth in an irritated frenzy.                                                                                                                                

In all of the excitement, they had forgotten about the portal and the fact that the bridges had been open for more than a month when they should have only been open for two weeks. Datameon had placed a magic wedge between them to force them open for Haden and his men. Now that he was dead, the wedges could no longer hold. 

The ground shook again as several trees snapped, breaking apart and crashing toward the Earth. As they hit the ground, the cracking grew more intense. They could hear the bridges as they snapped completely, propelling the world forward and tossing them all about like loose cargo on a ship. They screamed in fright and gripped frantically about, looking for something, anything to hold onto. The sky above ripped in two, sending a deathly black beam through the pink and orange hued sunset.                                            

Dana’s palace creaked and moaned as random objects thrashed into it, causing large pieces of the white stone walls to chip off and come flying into the crowd of people. A man screamed in agony as a boulder landed on his leg, severing it off and carrying away his blood as it slammed into someone else, killing them instantly on impact. Keara tried desperately to cling to Brine but her fingers slipped and she rolled away from him with a fearful cry.  Then without warning, everything went dark.


The End


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