The High Queen Sorceress (complete)
Author: jessicaw

Chapter 29
chapter 29

Dana stood on the balcony overlooking the main stretch of gardens. Fresh tear trails still clung to her cheeks as she gripped the white rail, looking woefully at the bright bursts of flowers down below.                 

Falfa came and stood silently at her right. His hands folded behind his back, his dark blue uniform in pristine order. The silver threading shimmering in the sun. The white trim around his collar blending in with his unusually pale neck. He stared down at the deck, solemn and without words as he tried desperately to grasp onto happier thoughts.

“The sun will set and the moon will rise but today I must meet my final demise.”  Falfa looked up. Dana was staring across the landscape, a faraway look in her eyes. “Don’t say that.” He whispered. “You don’t know if it’s true or not.” “It’s true.” She said, delicately turning to face him.  We both saw what he was in the glass. We both witnessed the death of four of our sorceresses. I’ve been nothing but a fool, a jester in my own court, entertaining only myself and failing my subjects.”                                      

“You saved Taddy.” He protested. “No Falfa, I saved no one. I simply prolonged their suffering. He will be here within the hour and we will all be dead by night fall.” She turned back to the gardens as her eyes broke, relinquishing power to the tears built up there. They flowed down her cheeks freely as she relaxed her jaw, giving up on stopping them. 

She looked out over the gardens she loved so. They were in full bloom as always. The scent was intoxicating. It filled her nostrils as if baiting her to come down and be with them. She sucked in the fragrant air as the tears dripped from her jaw bone and onto the exposed skin of her breasts.                                 

She watched the liquid glimmer as the rays of the sun hit it for a moment before allowing her mind to escape her and dwell on other things.

Dana had never bothered to secure herself an army. She didn’t see the point. She was a powerful woman, unmatched in talent and strength. No one dared cross her because they knew that she could easily overcome any attack they might bring. Not to mention, she hated wars and fighting. She didn’t like the idea of anyone getting hurt or dying.

Although sorceresses in general really didn’t need armies to fight for them at all, many of the sorceresses still had a decent sized defense just to help deter any would be attackers. At this moment, Dana was grateful for them. When casting the spell to transport the fighters away from her sorceresses, she also cast a summoning spell on her fellow sister’s armies, placing them all right outside of the palace entrance.

They stood, ready and waiting for the imminent attack in complete silence as one. A solid wall, a force to be reckoned with. These men were not afraid of death. They were well trained and well disciplined. A proper army for a powerful queen. Although some possessed magic, none fought with it.                           

If you were strong enough, then magic could be controlled. Datameon could control other’s magic. He could force the owner to use their magic on themselves. No, these men did not use their magic to fight. They fought like mortal men. With long, sharp weapons and willing to die so that others could continue to live free. 

Dana felt a little better knowing they were outside, protecting her as best as they could. She smiled a slight, bittersweet smile at the thought of them and rubbed her hands up and down her long, bare arms.

Turning her attention back to the bright gardens, she noticed Keara bent down, tending to a hot pink flower. She watched as she gently stroked the leaves, cooing to the flower with the same love and gentleness that she herself had always used.

Keara was a special girl. Though not much, she had sorceress blood in her alright. Dana had promised Keara that she would teach her everything she knew about using her magic. She sniffled as she watched the dark blue fabric of her simple, yet favored dress rustled with her movements.

The flowers responded well to her touch. The gardens, though always flourishing had never looked better. They seemed bigger and brighter. They liked Keara just as much as Dana did. Too bad Dana had been so careless. By the end of the day, she doubted that a single flower would still be standing, let alone Keara herself. Tears began to fall anew as she thought about how young her new friend and sister was. It wasn’t fair that she had to die. Dana thought her heart might break.

Outside of the palace, Datameon, Haden, Brine, the king’s army, Gorden, Queen Valencia, Yabe, and the rebel army suddenly appeared, still fighting and rather unaware that they were no longer in the clearing.  

Datameon screamed in fury, realizing exactly what the High Queen Sorceress had done.             

“What is your problem old man?” Haden demanded. He turned on Haden, rearing up in his saddle with his fists held out behind his back. His white tunic barely clinging to his boney frame. “I will not be spoken to that way!” He shrieked. “This isn’t going the way I wanted it to. I needed that witch’s magic! I’m not strong enough yet!” “She is a sorceress.” Brine corrected him. Referring to Taddy.                                                             

Datameon rounded on him. “Do not back talk me boy! You forget who you are dealing with! I am a sorcerer. I am the sorcerer. Do not cross me or else when I am through with that filthy excuse for a woman, I will make you suffer. I will bring you such pain that you will beg me for a swift death!” Spit hit Brine as the old man screamed. He closed his eyes against it, blinking in disgust when he was done.                            

“Do not talk to my commander that way!” Haden shouted. “I am the king. You will follow my orders and I will not allow such hate against my own men!”

“Do not tell me what to do!” Datameon screamed, turning on Haden. “I listen to no one. I bow down to no one. I am Datameon Gatapea. I am a direct descendant from the great and powerful Ratama Gatapea, grandson to Otahna Gatapea, rightful and powerful ruler of this and all worlds! I bow to no one. All bow to me! Do not cross me! I do not need you! You are scum Haden, pure scum! I’ll see you burn on the plains of hell before I ever take another order from you again. You made me live in poverty, running demeaning and frivolous errands for you, for no good reason other than your own amusement I’ve had all that I can take of you! You will bow to me, or I’ll have your liver for dinner!”

 Pure and raw magic bubbled at his fingertips, the red and grey energy frothing ominously as Datameon grew closer and closer to unleashing it. Haden, sensing the impending danger threw his hands up in defense and did something he had never done nor ever thought he would do; he groveled.

“Yes Datameon. I understand. Please, spare me. I can still be of use to you. I’m sorry for everything I have ever put you through. I never meant to cause you any harm. It was not my intention to send you on pointless errands for my own whimsy. I have always considered you an ally and a friend. Please, spare me and I will make it up to you.”

Brine’s jaw almost hit the floor with what he was hearing. The great and powerful King Haden was apologizing to a frail old man.  Even though Brine knew Haden didn’t mean it, hearing the words stunned him none the less.

Datameon exhaled, allowing himself to fall back into his saddle as the magic in his fingertips dissipated. He needed all of his strength. While he was still powerful enough to kill the High Queen, he was not used to his magic and well aware that it was nowhere near close to being fully restored. He needed his strength if he was going to take her magic and bend her to his will. Besides, Haden was a fly in a room full of frogs. He could do away with him at will. He smiled a fake smile as he looked into the round man’s face. 

“Prove to me that your life is as valuable as you claim it to be.” He said in a serpentine voice. Brine shuddered inwardly at the venom in the old man’s words. Haden perked up, not catching the deadly underlying message. “Yes, absolutely!” He said happily. “Please, lead the way!”

Outside of the palace, the sorceress’s army waited.  Inside, Dana waited too, her breath stuck between her ribs. She could see Datameon and his men as they approached. By now, they had shaken away from the rebel army, although they pressed hot on their heels as they all ran at full speed toward her home. She watched them come as she sat, waiting like a duck on a lake.

She dared not try to cast a spell against them. She knew Datameon wasn’t distracted like last time. She knew his power was already starting to grow. She knew if she let him tap into hers, she would be dead within seconds.

They clashed into one another like angry lions. The sorceress’s army meeting the King’s in full force, ripping through Haden’s men cutting them down like crops at the peak of their season. Datameon and Haden stood to the side, watching as they collided. Datameon cackled wildly with the adrenaline of the fighting. From the rear, the rebel army caught up and began hammering into Haden’s men. They were being pummeled from both sides, sandwiched tightly between their enemies.  

Datameon laughed wildly as Haden sat stone faced and quiet, several members of his personal guard fighting off anyone that tried to get at him or the sorcerer.

Quickly growing bored with the fighting, Datameon turned to review the landscape. Outside of the Palace, large weeping willows dotted the lands here and there. Wildflowers were in mass abundance and shiny black rocks rested in the long grass.

He picked out a medium sized rock about twenty feet away and raised his hands into the air, eager to test out the power of his rusty magic. Blue light shot from his fingertips colliding with the rock. A large crack rang through the air as the rock shot upward, blowing into a million pieces before disintegrating.

Datameon squealed in delight and quickly looked around for a good spot along the large white palace walls. Spotting an area he liked, he jumped down from his horse and ran toward the wall, stopping about fifty feet short as he threw his hands in the air and leaned his whole body back, puffing out his chest with the effort of casting such a large spell. He wagged his fingers at the wall, chanting a spell as he did. The wall exploded obediently, sending large chunks of plaster and dirt flying through the air. The debris rained down, bouncing as they hit the ground. Datameon jumped gleefully out of the way as a large piece of charred plaster came flying toward him.

Once the dust settled, he called for Haden to round up their men and make their way through the new opening. “Fall in!” Haden shouted. Each of his body guards began shouting the order, motioning at the wall for the men to follow. They ran quickly, keeping their heads low as their enemies continued to hammer at them relentlessly. Inside the Palace courtyard, a tall fountain stood in the center. Rich green grass carpeted the ground and elaborately decorated benches rested here and there. Tall, sweeping statues looked over the fountain and flower pots lined the walls.

Although Haden’s army had suffered heavy losses, it was barely a dent in the well over three hundred thousand troops. “Kill anyone you find and take anything you wish!” Datameon shouted. The men cheered and tore through the gardens with greed in their hearts and death in their hands. They laughed in glee as they wrecked the courtyard, smashing the benches and statues as well as anything else they could find. They poured into the lower levels of the palace, stuffing trinkets into their pockets, murdering anyone unlucky enough to cross their paths and breaking everything else. 

Dana watched from behind a large, decorative shrub as they continued to pour through the hole in the outer wall and disappear into the Palace. She closed her eyes against the pain as the screams of her terrified subjects wafted up from beneath her feet. The stench of death assaulted her as men continued to battle wherever they could get the ground to do so.

 She heard them as they slammed through the back entrance of the gardens. Slowly, she crawled out from behind the shrub. On her hands and knees, her golden yellow dress snagging and ripping as it tugged under the weight of her knees.

She made her way across the balcony to observe them as they paraded in to ruin her gardens. Her gardens! The thought alone was enough to kill her. As she reached the opposite end of the Balcony and peered down between the openings in the banister, she could see them as they paused for a moment in the entry way, surveying the massive gardens in curiosity. Then, they pointed to something in the middle as they grinned at one another and began making their way to whatever it was that caught their eye.

Dana curiously looked over in the direction they had been pointing and just about fainted. Her heart started racing a million miles a minute as she tried to think of something to do. There, in the center of the Garden sat Keara, rubbing the petals of an orange and yellow daisy on her cheek, completely unaware of the army behind her. 

Datameon skipped along through the abolished palace corridors, testing his powers here and there on various objects. Every time they blew up or disintegrated, he cackled, clapped his hands together and jumped in to the air, pleased with just how strong he already was.  

Even if the High Queen Sorceress had transported him here to save her precious sorceresses and force him to use his magic before it was at its strongest, he was already strong enough to take her down. She would pay for what she did to him. She would pay for what they did to his family.

He blew up a tapestry, screeching in joy as one of the corners caught fire, causing the entire thing to ignite almost instantly.  

He made his way into the empty kitchen and stepped over a headless body, spying a basket of rolls to his left. He changed directions and strolled over to them, grabbing one with such gruffness, that the basket toppled off the counter, sending the still warm bread flying in every direction.

He used his teeth to rip off a large piece of the one in his hand and imagined the rest of the rolls exploding like confetti. As soon as he finished the thought, several booming noises rang through the air as the rolls obediently blew up, raining down tiny pieces of bread as he continued to make his way into the garden, laughing manically as he continued devouring the warm roll. 

Brine and Haden pushed through the gardens, completely encased by their men. Haden was overwhelmed with excitement, laughing and cheering on his men as they cut down their enemies. Brine sat stone faced, craning his neck to see above the men’s heads, trying to see what they were pointing at. Finally realizing that his current vantage point wasn’t getting him anywhere, he stood up in his stirrups and craned his neck once more.

Up ahead everything looked fairly the same. A dirt floor and hundreds upon thousands of flower beds spilling with bright petals and breath taking beauty. Then he saw the familiar shade of Keara’s blue dress and every muscle in his body went numb. Now he knew what the men were after. Completely forgetting the threat surrounding him, he kicked the horse hard in its sides as he tried to gallop through the tightly packed men. When that didn’t work and out of pure desperation, he screamed out to her at the top of his lungs. “Keara! Keara look out! Keara run!” He waved his hands above his head, trying to grab her attention.  

She looked up, startled by the warning. When she realized the battling men were headed straight to here, she froze as her feet grew roots, digging into the ground fast and thick. She stopped breathing as they approached; the panic building up inside of her tiny body, almost causing her to black out as the men advanced. She tried to whine but her vocal chords were under a tight lock, incapable of producing even the slightest of sounds.

Haden looked toward Brine’s directed shouts. When he saw Keara, the merriment drained from his face, replaced by red rage. He turned angrily on Brine. “The witch is alive! You said you dealt with her! You liar! You helped her! How? How did you do it? How did you know the portal was open? I’ll have your head for this!”      

The men closest to Brine turned at the shouts of their angry King, watching as he pulled his sword from its sheath and charged towards him. Following his lead, the men also turned on Brine, brandishing their weapons as they advanced.

He wasted no time as he swung the big blade of his own sword above his head, charging into the men surround him. He brought the blade down in a swinging arc, cutting into them with ease and swiftness as he slowly, painfully made his way through the thicket of men, trying desperately to reach Keara, knowing that he was too far off and would never make it to her in time.

Just as he was starting to gain ground, Haden caught up to him, swinging the sword and coming within inches of Brine’s thick sweaty neck. Brine turned just in time, blocked him then swung the sword in a downward sweeping motion, creating a massive gash through the fine red cloth of Haden’s his tunic. 

Haden fumbled in surprise as the pain seared through his body. Forgetting his sword, he dropped it as his hands flew up to his bleeding stomach, grabbing it as he tried to push his guts that were slowly seeping out back in. His pudgy hands were covered in the thick red liquid as Brine took his magnificent purple boot and placed it just above Haden’s wound.

He looked up at Brine with big eyes and tried to say something, but his lungs were already filling up with blood, rendering him incapable of speech. He gurgled as the blood bubbled in his open mouth, spilling down the sides of his pudgy ashen skin and into his thick beard. Brine dug his heel deeper into Haden’s fleshy stomach and pushed him off of the horse. He fell, hitting the ground with a large thud as his horse continued to trot on, stepping on his neck and snapping it, killing him instantly from the impact. 

Brine emotionlessly turned his attention away from the dead king and back to the men who were now coming at him relentlessly. All he could think about was Keara and the time he had just wasted. He swung his sword in a large arc as he stood in the saddle and let out a massive battle cry, the adrenaline pushing him on, giving him more strength than he ever thought he had in him.

Up ahead, Keara still stood, rooted in place, her hands at her side, clenched in small fists as she braced herself for the painful sting of death. She closed her eyes as the soldiers continued to gain on her, holding her breath as she waited for their metal to enter her body. 

 If only she weren’t so weak. But here she was standing in the middle of the garden with nothing but a bunch of useless flowers surrounding her. Her stomach turned in knots as she begged to Kama to protect her, though she knew it was no use.  

The men roared in anger and she could hear the pinging of metal upon metal grow ever closer. Still, she kept her eyes firmly shut. She felt something gently brush against her and shivered at the feeling, but still remained standing perfectly still with her eyes squeezed together.

Ages seemed to pass as she continued standing where she was, waiting for the hot blades of death to tear her into pieces. Several more times, she could feel something brush lightly against her leg, but she dared not move. The feeling of it made her skin tingle and she was sure she would have been sick if she wasn’t so scared.  

“Keara!” Brine’s panting voice sounded like he was right on top of her. “Keara are you alright? Hey! Look at me!”  

The sound of Brine’s voice flooded sudden hope throughout her thin, shivering body. She slowly opened her eyes, peering out at the chaos around her from behind small slits. Brine’s face popped into her vision, shielding her from seeing what exactly was going on. She closed her eyes again as relief flooded into her and threw herself on him, squeezing him as hard as she possibly could, driving the air out of his lungs. He grunted from the force of her pressure. 

“Don’t leave me!” She cried, holding on to him as tightly as her trembling arms would allow. He grabbed her by her elbows and easily pulled her off of him. “Keara look” he said, still panting.  

She opened her eyes and gasped at their surroundings. All of the flower beds were completely empty, nothing but the dark earth they once resided in remained.

All around them, the battle raged on. Men and women screamed death cries as they charged, colliding with each other in terrifying intensity. But the most amazing thing of all was what the flowers were doing.

They’d grown to the sizes of full grown men. Long green stems with leaves for feet and hands wielded weapons as they attacked the men trying to get to Keara and Brine. A red rose whirled past her, severing a man’s arm from his body as he advanced on them. She caught a glimpse of eye like dimples in the texture of the petal. As she watched, she realized that the flowers each had their own unique face, formed out of the shadows on their petals.

A Purple snapdragon whipped past, one of its leaves gently brushing against her arm as it ran a large, burly man through the heart.

She watched breathlessly as they fought all around her, taking down Haden’s men as if they were no threat at all.


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