The High Queen Sorceress (complete)
Author: jessicaw

Chapter 11
chapter 11

Taddy sat on a stool in the corner, her long, black wavy hair acting as a cushion between her and the wall. She had on a short sleeved mint green dress that was barely darker than her snow white skin.  Her Green eyes were fixed on the glass, her thin, pink lips glistening. Cantalile Stood against the opposing wall, her arms crossed; her long, straight, caramel brown hair in a tangled mess. She had on a light brown and burnt orange colored floor length dress. It was creased in several places.    

Just like Taddy and the rest of the sorceresses, she too had skin whiter than the clouds. Her pale brown eyes and red lips washed her out all that much more. Lauranna was leaning on the marble table, watching intently as the men in the glass formed into groups and began to march, the colors of their king flying over their heads.    

Even though Lauranna had already witnessed the horrifying scene, she watched again in the same horror stricken manner as her friends as Falfa pointed out more and more disturbing things to them.  

“These men are marching in complete silence, do you see the rabbit, it can’t even hear them coming.” The women looked to where Falfa was pointing; a small, fluffy white rabbit sat chewing on a small patch of wild flowers. It was completely relaxed.     

As it sat, totally un-aware, the men swept by in formation, one of them threw a short spear and the rabbit jumped in pain and anguish, red splattering across the landscape. The three women and their three advisors all flinched as they watched the rabbit writhe in pain. Even though they couldn’t hear it, they knew the rabbit was screaming in tormented anguish. Birds took to the sky in thick clouds, startled by the sound. The men shot at them. Birds with arrows right through their chests fell like raindrops.

The men laughed, nudging each other slightly, trying to push one another under a bird as it fell. They left the birds and the rabbit with their weapons still sticking out of the deceased animals and continued to march on.

Lauranna thought she was going to be sick. “I can’t take this anymore Falfa” She said, turning away from the glass. Taddy, who loved all living creatures and could not stand watching them tortured and killed for pleasure pushed herself off of the stool. “Yes, I think that’s quite enough for now.” She said inaudibly, as she turned to the window, trying to rid her mind of the disgusting and sad images.                              

Cantalile sank to the ground. Her cheeks growing bright red. “And what has the high queen done to help resolve this issue?” She asked through gritted teeth. “These men are pigs. I say we burn them from where we stand.”

Lauranna looked over at Cantalile in surprise. “It shocks me, dear friend, to hear you talk in such a manner. My sister does not know what to do. That is why we are here. She does not understand the severity of the situation, and therefore has come up with no way to aid us. We must figure out how to stop this.” 

“There is no way to stop this.” Taddy’s hair swung around as she turned to face Lauranna. Tears welling up in her eyes. “This is a game to them.” She said. She was trying hard not to cry. Falfa handed her a handkerchief. “Thank you.” She said, trying to give him a sincere smile. She clutched the handkerchief in her hands, squeezing the fabric as she bit her lip.                                                                 

The room went completely quite as the three women ruminated over what to do. Falfa walked over to the glass and ran his finger along the top edge of the inner square. The glass rippled with his touch as if it were water. The images faded and the glass returned to its clear, prismatic like state.                           

“If Dana is not concerned with these men, then why must we fix it?” Cantalile asked. Lauranna looked up at her with wide eyes. “Because, this is a war against all of us. It is not the responsibility of one. Dana will come around when she is ready, but it is our jobs and our duty to protect the high queen. Need I remind you all about what happened last time the high queen tried to stop a war before.”                           

Lost for words, Cantalile sunk to the floor, pulling her knees up to her chest and resting her head upon them. “Huye” She said, without looking up. A man slightly taller than Falfa stepped forward. He had a think dusting of grey hair and a belly bigger than that of the fattest pig. He wore a long sleeved shirt with puffy sleeves that had red and caramel diamond shapes on them. The rest of the shirt was stripped in red, caramel and dark brown with matching pants. He looked rather important, and, being the advisor to a sorceress, he was.  

“Yes my Queen?” he asked, giving a slight bow. “Huye, I’m thirsty, could you please get me some water?” “Yes mam.” He said bowing slightly again.  Falfa watched him as he waddled out of the room to get his queen some water. It was a demeaning request for an advisor, but then again, he would much rather get Dana a glass of water than wear a tunic with a silver horse in a field of flowers on it.                                        

“That’s a little better.” Said Cantalile once Huye had gone. To many people in such a small room. I can barely breathe. She went to the window, blowing gently into the late afternoon air. Her breath carried out across the sky, gaining stamina as it went. Soon a light breeze picked up. She stuck her face out the window, letting the gentle air brush against her hot cheeks and frazzled hair.   

The wind found its way into the room, streaming past Lauranna and Taddy. They both lifted their faces in the refreshing gust of air, allowing it to soothe their hot cheeks and calm them down. They sat in silence for a few minutes, regaining their composure. The remaining advisor shifted a little and Taddy motioned that it was alright for him to sit down. He sat on a wooden bench, enjoying the break. After a short time, Huye reappeared with a glass of water. He walked over to Cantalile and bowed ever so slightly. She thanked him, took one very small sip, turned back to face the window and flung the contents of the glass out of the window.  The water broke into a thousand little beads and began to fall as more little beads appeared out of thin air. A large, slightly grey cloud moved in overhead and, soon, the rain had turned into a downpour.                                                                                                                                                     Lauranna watched the water rushing down in torrents as she thought. “Ladies, if you please?” She said. She straightened up turned to face the seer’s glass. It wasn’t glass. It had turned shades of grey and green, reflecting the storm outside. The colors swirled hypnotically. Lauranna traced the swirls with her finger; it sank into the smooth surface, sending the wisps of smoke in all directions.   

“What should we do about the men who seek to rule all?” She questioned. Taddy’s face brightened and she stood up as tall as she could. “We will assemble all the sorceresses and then we can take control of the men and bring them down. We can stop the war and return the world to the way it should be!”

Cantalile perked up at this idea, bringing her soaking wet head back inside the seer’s room. Outside, the rain let up, almost completely stopping. The cloud began to move away.                                                          

Lauranna looked at Taddy in horror. “No no no! We can’t do that! If we do that, then we are all going to fail, I’ve seen it myself.” Taddy’s face fell and she slumped her shoulders back. The rain cloud moved back in and the rain picked up, hammering down as if trying to blast the ground into a million pieces.   

Cantalile looked at Lauranna, rage flooding her features. “What do you mean? They are mere men. We are sorceresses; together our powers can destroy anything.” “Yes, I know that, but this is the mortal world we are talking about, so you want us to send all of our Sorceresses to the mortal world, and risk getting stuck there like Kadala did? Not to mention, what would happen if all the rulers of our world suddenly left? The people would riot. We would not only destroy ourselves, but our own world in the process. Think Cantalile. I requested your assistance, you and Taddy both because you are well balanced, intelligent sorceresses. We have to find a way to stop the war from our own planet. If not, the mortal men will not only conquer their world, but they might try to bridge our world. If they succeed, then our people be in great peril, or worse, they will blow both our and their own world up.”                                         

The rain started to ease up once more. The cloud regained its normal white, fluffy appearance and moved off to bask in the rays of the sun. The anger in Cantalile’s face dissipated. She sat back against the stone wall, exhausted.

“How are we going to help the Humans from here without entering their world?” Taddy said out loud. “Don’t worry about that; I have a few tricks up my sleeve” Lauranna answered with a smile.


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