The High Queen Sorceress (complete)
Author: jessicaw

Chapter 1
chapter 1

Nothing. That’s what it was. The sky at night and the world it enveloped. When everything was dark, so pitch black that you couldn’t see your hand in front of your face; then it didn’t exist.

 Too bad she still existed. Morning would come. The world would return and so would her hell. But for now, in the blackness of the starless sky, she was free of the tribulations of the world she hated.  In three long, painful days from now, they would take her to her judgment. She expected nothing less than torture until the day she died. She was going to rot for the crimes of another; for the crimes of someone she did not know.        

 She sat cross-legged with her back tied to a large, smooth boulder. Her feet were so sore. They had taken her shoes. She ran her fingers over the heels of her feet, feeling the thin, jagged gashes and dried blood mixed with dirt that enveloped them.     

Pain struck her hard, her finger found something lodged in her foot. It ripped her delicate skin open and she saw red and she tried hard to stifle a yelp. The last thing she wanted to do was wake the guards. They had been given strict orders not to kill her, but were told no boundaries beyond that.                         

Tears welled up in her dark brown eyes and she stuck her finger in her mouth. Like the rest of her, it was covered in dirt and made her want to gag. She squeezed her eyes shut and caught her own breath, waiting for the pain to subside. She had never been able to deal with pain.                                         

In time, she relaxed her thin body and opened her eyes as her finger slid out of her mouth. The rope around her waist tightened as she allowed the air back into her lungs. It dug into her flesh. She ran her good hand across the course texture of it. It was thick, but not so thick that one with a knife couldn’t cut it.                  

She scoffed. They held her captive with nothing more than a rope. It was all they needed, something to simply restrict her. She had no food, and no shoes, she wore nothing more than a thin piece of cloth resembling a potato sack with a few holes strategically placed. Of course she wouldn’t have a knife. Even if she did break free, the guards would have her before long. She shuttered at the thought of what they would do to her. She would have walked on a bed of lava or gladly thrown herself off a cliff just so she wouldn’t have to look them in the eyes. They were evil men. Men. They were men.                    

 In all honesty their rank and who they were did not matter. She was a woman; she was nothing. They controlled her simply because they were born male. In the town of Galanda, Men were revered, god-like and women were the ground beneath their feet.                 

 Of course they were. The legends spoke of it. They talked of a powerful woman who killed an entire village. The men said she did it because she was a woman and when a female is given that kind of authority, that kind of lifestyle; it goes to their heads and drives them mad. They can’t deal with the power, it does something to them. Women are weak. The men killed the woman before she obliterated more villages. They arrested and beat down anyone who tried to object. Few did. They were terrified of the woman. The men stepped in and saved them. Men were revered and loved. Women were no better than rats.                                                                      

When she was a girl, her mother told her the woman who terrorized that village was a good person, a queen in her own lands. She had been sent from another world to save the people. The village she ruined was a terrible place full of criminals and things too frightening to mention. The woman did what she did to save lives; to save the towns and villages around Galanda. She said the woman was strong and ruthless; but she did not harm anyone of true innocence.                                                                                         

 There were things going on, things the men who killed her did not know about. Evil things, her mother had said. Terrible, terrible things. The woman knew this and so she came to stop them. She was a guardian, sent from another world to save theirs.             

 When she had asked her mother why someone would travel here to stop a town of people and save their world when hers was not in danger, her mother’s face drained of all color. She had leaned in very, very close and whispered in her ear. “Because for every world in the sky, there is a mirror world. They do not look the same and they are filled with different people and different things, but should one of the worlds fall, the other will mirror it and fall too.”                               

She shuddered at the thought. Her mother was a wise woman, but a foolish one too. On that last fateful day, they were at the market and a shop keeper accused her mother of stealing. The guard approached them and told them to forfeit the stolen goods and a five coin tax for her crimes. Her mother had stolen nothing, nor did she have five coins, let alone three.                                             

 She told the guard to check the facts before accusing innocent people. The man, enraged at her mother, took out his baton and beat her until she could no longer stand. “Filthy woman!” He shrieked. He left her there, laying on the ground, bloody and bruised, crying for someone to help her.                                   

He hadn’t gotten more than fifty paces before he turned around and came back, flipping her onto her back with his foot. She clutched her hands over her face, begging for the man to leave her be. He leaned down and reached his hand into her pocket. He pulled out the two silver coins that she had. It was all they had. He kicked her again as she wailed and left her there. He threw one coin to the shop keeper and placed the other in his own pocket. As her mother’s screams followed him out of the market place, he stiffened his shoulders with a pompous, self-righteous air and never looked back .                               

Her mother lay in the dirt and blood. Her face bathed in the sickening colors of early death as she cried for help. No one came to her aid. They were too afraid. The townspeople knew the cost for helping a woman, especially one shunned in public.                  

She had tried to get her mother on her feet, to help her limp home, but her mother was so terribly hurt that she could not walk. She was just a girl, a small girl. She was weak and powerless. She sat by her mother and wept with her through the night. In the morning, two women in black dresses with red aprons came. They were from the hospital. They wore red aprons to mask the blood spatters. They lifted her mother’s lifeless form and took her away. That was the last time she ever felt safe.                                           

 She pulled her legs toward her body as the rope on her waist slowly tightened. The memories made her shiver with cold even though it was a warm night. She stared out into the black nothingness that enveloped her. At least she had that. The peaceful serenity that was the silence of a world she hated.                                                                                    

She was so tired. As she continued to stare into the black world around her, she lost all thought and feeling. The blackness completely enveloped her. Her hands fell limply at her sides as she slumped down fast asleep. “Three days” she heard her mind say. “Three days and the beginning of the end will come.”  The world ceased to exist.



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