My Maximum Ride
Author: EvanescenceFreak

Chapter 47

Alpha's P.O.V
I woke up an went to the kitchen then i saw a note.I left it be til everyone was up.When they all were up i said
"We have a note it says
I'm sorry.I had to.Listen to Missing by Evanescence.I will be back in one week.Please don't come find me.I know i'm doing the right thing.
Love,Rose"I was crying hard I gave the note to Fang who finished it
"Alpha Please don't die on me.Keep anything that is deadly away from her.I know Alphas crying i left my laptop in her room.Listen to Missing." I couldn't stand it Helena said
"I knew it no wonder she didn't eat last night." I wanted to scream and grab a rope and tie a noose around my neck but i didn't.I went to my room and this is the whole song
"Please,Please forgive me.But i won't be home again.Maybe someday you'll look up barley conseious and say to no one isn't something missing.You won't cry for my absence,I know.You forgot me long ago.Am i that unimportant?Am i so insignificant?Isn't something missing?isn't someone missing me?Even though i'm the sacrifice you wont try for me.not now though i die to know you love me.I'm all alone.Isn't something missing?Please,Please forgive me but i wont be home again.I know what yo do to yourself.I breathe in deep and cry out.Isn't something missing?Isn't someone missing me?Even though i the sacrifice you wont try for me not now,Though i die to know you love me.I'm all alone.Isn't someone missing me?And if i bleed i'll bleed knowing you don't care. And if i sleep ill only dream of you.Ill wake without you there.Isn't something missing.Isn't something......Even though i'm the sacrifice you wont try for me not now,Though i died to know you love me.I'm all alone.Isn't something missing?Isn't some one missing me?" while i listened to it.I cried.I need Rose to come back
"Sacrifice,What does that mean?" i mumbled to myself
"She sacrificed herself to keep you safe Alpha,She told me that if she ever ran away she would write sacrifice.The reason is to keep all of us safe.But to keep you Alive,Alpha" I turned to see who it was but no one was there.I'm all alone.Rose........


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