My Maximum Ride
Author: EvanescenceFreak

Chapter 45

Alpha's P.O.V
It had been 3 hours since Rose cut herself.I was panicking.I knew Fang was 'cause he was pacing back and forth.Kasumi was trying not to look sad.Ayane was out of the room.Max looked at the ground Nudge cried Iggy well,we haven't filled him in yet.Gasman looked scared.Angel,knew it was coming.Helena kept checking her pulse.I said
"Why was she always cutting?" Max looked up
"I sorta know.She was always upset that she was not capable of dying.I wish she was at least breathing." right when Max said that i could tell dead air was gone.Helena checked her pulse.She had a pulse.I went over to her and said
"Rose,Breathe." she started breathing she blinked up to me and said
"I should be dead.Im not though." i looked at her and siad
"Rose.You die.We die." she looked at me.She got up and started crying and i knew why.i said
"Everyone out." they obeyed and i knew i was in for a story Rose said
"Alpha,I should have stayed dead!I will only kill you all!" she cried harder than Fang broke in trough the locked door and looked at me then Rose.Fang walked over to Rose and put his arm around her.She fought him off and shouted
"Let Me.Go!" i looked at her so did Fang.She jumped out of the window.and looked back and said
"I will be back let me get some air." She was out for 1 hour
Rose's P.O.V
I was back at the house and started to my room and the door was cracked open and i looked in Alpha and Fang were still in my room.They were talking about me.Doing research on m,too.I went back to the stairs and walked loudly.I opened the door and said
"I am finally back.I want to be dead right now." Fang glared at me and said
"Never.We were doing research on you.We came up with alot." i looked to Alpha and said
"You actually researched something?" she nodded and i said
"What do ya' got." they showed me.The reason why i cut so much i because i inherited it from my real parents.I looked further on and.Wait!What? I have a sister! i looked to Alpha and said
"Whats her name?" she said it was Katherine a.k.a Kathey.I looked her up.She was my opposite.I closed my Laptop and looked out my window.someone was out there.Sara!I got out and of course Fang came to.Alpha watched out the window with pepper spray.I said
"Sara?what are you doing here."
"I have to tell you.I am a v-vampire to." Sara said.She was hungry.I gave her some blood from the fridge and she drank it all.I looked to Fang who was looking at me like.I KNEW that look.I said
"Sara.Why are you h-" i was cut off by her launching over the table on top of me.It was on.I hissed.Everyone was watching us fight.I knocked her out.I got up and apparently every time i get in a fight and win.Fang kisses me.Hmm.Might have to win more often.I looked to Alpha and said
"Whats the point of pepper spray if you don't kow why you use it."Alpha said
"I-I.Wait! Rose! look out!" i turned around and Sara was up and runnin i heard Fang behind her.He staked her.She will not live anymore.I looked to him and said
"So.I think i shouldn't go into town anymore."
"YES!" they all said in perfect time.I wanted to slap them all but i looked at my arm that i cut and said
"Keep anything away from me that i can use to kill myself." they all agreed.I went to sleep.Not knowing what would happen tomorrow.I shivered then closed my eyes to enter darkness.


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