My Maximum Ride
Author: EvanescenceFreak

Chapter 41

Max's P.O.V
My heart was pounding in my head i was sweating but i missed the target with the crossbow.I went over to the rifle.I was heavy.I tried to mount it but i just looked at it.Rose came over and picked it up with ONE hand then put the mount under it.I said
"No problem.Quick tip.If you put your elbow on the table then pick it up.It will raise it just enough to put the mount under it." she showed me.It worked.I went to put the bullets in and then i found a problem.I found that when you pull the trigger the shells wont pop out.
"You have to fix 3 problems.This is problem number 2!" she shouted to i went to work and i finally got it to work.I wonder what the last one is.I pull the didn't shot anywhere NEAR where i aimed.Oh,the sight.needed to fix that.I fixed it then finally finshed.
Rose won that round
Ayane's P.O.V
It was so simple.I went to the crossbow and i picked it up and hit the bulls eye only 2 i ran out of arrows.I walked over to the rifle.It was heavy but i hit the target.Thankfully.
Nudge did so much better than me.
Nudge won that round.
Fang's P.O.V
I was actually good at this i went to the crossbow and i hit the 3 bulls eye with 4 arrows.Rose still had the best.Hit the 3 bulls eye with 3 arrows.I walked to the riffle.Im sure it was easy.So i shot didn't hit.Shot again and didn't hit it.I shot 5 More times and didn't hit it.Rose came over and looked trough the sight and started fixing it she took it it apart piece by piece.She found the problem removed it then put it back together.
"Don't worry about the first ones.They wont count."
I finished.
Kasumi did better than me she was fast but not TO accurate.
I won that round(still don't know how)
Alpha's P.O.V
I went up and i had no problems.See im like Rose.I have the deadly aim.I have to work on my aim but she wont have to.Helena went and did well
I won that round.(i..never mind)
Rose's P.O.V
This time we had to do an course.You had a hand gun.You jumped over 2 boulders.broke through a door and then climb the aluminum fence(you know the ones that have spaces so you can put your feet.That is what im talking about.)And shoot a target 3 times in the green at least.So Nudge and i finished about at the same time.I was one bullet ahead.
I won that round.
Alpha's P.O.V
I did the course with Fang.I had been training with this course for years.I had mastered it.Fang comes along and beats me by a whole 3 bullets.
Fang won that round
Fang's P.O.V
Okay so Rose and I go Against each other.Objective.We have a moving target that gets form 12 inches in width to 5 inches in shot from the 35 foot with you gun of choice.
Rose won that round.She wins


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