My Maximum Ride
Author: EvanescenceFreak

Chapter 39
You Know What Im Going to Say

Fighting session
Kasumi's P.O.V
okay we had to win with a k.o easy.Pairs.Iggy only watched
Kasumi against Ayane
Rose against Alpha
Fang against Max
Ryu against Helena
Angel against Gasman
I think this is easy.We know the skills we have i am glad of that.I was swinging punches and i am losing.I was K.O
Ayane won that round she goes to the semi finals
Alpha's P.O.V
Me and Rose was Fighting.the same fighting skill against each other.I think it's dumb to put us together.I was wining.BANG i was K.O
Rose won that round she goes to the semi finals
Fang's P.O.V
Hah so simple of a strategy i drew a fist a punched hard.I hit air.Ow,I was K.O
Max won that round she will go to the semi finals
Helena's P.O.V
the Boukoho (Boo-ka-hoe) is not a fair match for the Hajimon Sect of Mugen Teshin(Ha-gi-mon sect of Moo-gen Tesh-en),hope that made it easy to say,I am losing but i will pull through.
I won that round i go to the semi.
Gasman's P.O.V
we didn't fight Angel said
"I dont want to fight."
No one goes to the semi
Angels P.O.V
i watched.Pairs
Ayane's P.O.V
i was going against Rose.In like 6 punches 2 kicks and 1 throw i was K.O
Rose won that round she goes to the finals
Max's P.O.V
I was against Helens and i actually won.
I go to the finals
Rose's P.O.V
Me and Max i was punching and all of a sudden.WHAM. i was K.O
Max won the Fighting session


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