My Maximum Ride
Author: EvanescenceFreak

Chapter 34
Dinner Date

Rose's P.O.V
I heard Helena and Fang coming down the hall and i said
"Can you please tell me where were going?" he said
"Nope,not until we get there."
"By then i will know and besides you can blind fold me and i can smell the type of food." i said.We got in the car and Helena said
"How did you find them,Rose?"
"Actually they found me.I had been attacked and i was crunched under a tree." i said.Fang added
"That was the day Angel felt so bad.I think that she feels bad when somethings wrong." i nodded and we pulled up to the place were eating and i said
"I love Japanese food.How did you know?" Fang pointed to Helena.We got out of the car and Helena gave me the cell phone and said to call when we finished.We walked in and we waited five minutes for the waitress to come get us and we were seated.What i loved about this place was that you sat with people you don't know and the chef cooks right in front of you! i said
"You know that this place serves so much most people have to take home the rest."
"Well we won't" Fang said.The strangers were very nice there was a girl there about my age her name was Sara and she asked me
"Are you on a date with him?" i said yes and he was talking away with some guy and i said
"Well,i think that the chef should be here soon." no sooner than i got that out of my mouth he was there.He was different than most of the others her was tall handsome and had a very nice voice.I somach dropped i elbowed Fang and the "chef" said
"Ah,Rose and Fang.Haven't seen you in a while." Sara said
"wh-whats going on.Does he know you?" i stood up so did Fang i did a 360 i said
"Were surrounded" i got one side of the table Fang got the other.We fought for a while and one threw me across the table and i landed on 4 plates it hurt i had peices of plate in my back and i jumped on the table took the pepper and threw it in his face.I hit him so hard he crumpled when it was over Sara said
"OMG,Are you and Fang okay?" i said
"I think he is I'm..Not..Sure." i fell to the ground the last thing i saw was Fang coming toward me Sara rummaging through her purse and my blood surrounding me.I blacked out
Fang's P.O.V
Great,She passed out on the date.Sara got her phone and i said
"Not needed." she gave me a medication that workes if you can get it in the wound well the wound was in her neck and well it healed a little quick.Sara said
"What is she." i whispered in her ear
"She's a Vampire." she said
"go with Drake he will get you what you need i will take care of her" i went with him and left Rose
Sara's P.O.V
I now how to get her back but i just needed to make a cut in her neck to i did and put the medication in the cut sshe woke and said
"Okay.I am not dying again." i looked to her and by then Fang waas back and talking to her Rose pulled out her phone and called her mother and they came and got her before she got in the car she said
"Thanks for everything.See you again sometime." i nodded i actually had a un-dead friend.A better one though.Like me


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