My Maximum Ride
Author: EvanescenceFreak

Chapter 31

Rose's P.O.V
It was morning and i was starving.So i grabbed my knife left a note and took off.It was so pretty today a brilliant blue sky with a few clouds and a very light wind.Perfect for hunting.
I found a few goats and a cow but then i smelt something wonderful.It was human i followed and i ate and kept the skull for my human hunting shelf.
Max's P.O.V
I got up early and went to the kitchen looking for something to eat.There was a note i thought i wouldn't read it till everyone was up.Well 10 minutes later all were up and i said
"We have a note it says
Dear Family,
I have gone out for a hunt.I will be back soon.
You Vampire Friend
i put the note down as soon as Rose came in the room she said
"Hey,I am totally full." she said also "I will be in my room."
so as my nosy self i followed and i heard her singing while playing her piano so i went in and she was speaking in french.I translated and she said.I have to see myself as i really am.So i said
"Hey Rose,I wanna ask.Why do you have human skulls?Don't they keep energy."
"Yes but if you put them in a case and than put sea salt on it their energy is at rest."
(This was just a chapter to put me in a good direction.)


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