My Maximum Ride
Author: EvanescenceFreak

Chapter 30

Ayane's P.O.V
We were going out to dinner.I of course had to sit between Rose and Fang.I am tired of them bickering.I think that if i want them to stop is to help.We got there and Rose said
"Okay this is a cheap place to eat.You can get like 7 lbs of food for 12$." we got in and sat down.Then it started.I thought i was gonna lose my mind.They were trying to be kind but that never happened.He kept asking about her past then she just got up and left.Fang tried to go after her but i said
"Let her cool down." he sat back down and i talked to him.Then he said.
"I need to talk to her."
Rose's P.O.V
I was wearing a pretty floral orange top and black pants and White high heels.I was sitting on a bench waiting for them to come out.But only one came out.Fang came out that made me so angry.I walked away but he got me anyways.I said
"what do you want?"
"Look,you need to eat." He said
"I am not eating.Besides i just hunted and i won the battle."I jumped and tried to fly off but he still caught me we landed then we fought right at the car and they just got out and then i heard Alpha Scream.I looked to her she was so scared of ME that i couldn't control my rage.I back handed Fang just enough that he quit fighting me i got in the car and i waited.They finally got in and started asking questions.Alphas were more thought of than the others on of hers was
"Rose,Why dose Fang get on your nerves more than me?" now that on got me.Fang said
"Rose,Why.I mean why are we fighting so much?" i looked to him and i said
"I have died like 6 times 6 more times than anyone.I just need to stop dying or stay dead." Fang said
"You know you won't stay dead with us here.Right?"
"Of course i know that but what if you all try and it doesn't work?" he thought about it then he shrugged.I looked to Helena and i said
"Helena,Can we stop?I wanna fly home." i got out and got to the sky.I heard someone behind me i thought it was Alpha.I was wrong it was Nudge and Max.
"Rose,I think you should sleep."It was Nudge i said
"I don't know what to do anymore."
"Lets just go home and rest." Max said
Something Changed Right Then


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