My Maximum Ride
Author: EvanescenceFreak

Chapter 29

Rose's P.O.V
I was in the music room i was crying.I wanted to be able to tell them about my past it is just,I never want them to think about what happened to me.I heard foot steps i turned around and hissed at the intruder.I realized it was Fang.I cooled down some he said
"I'm sorry for upsetting you.I only wanted to know why your so protective of stuff,like Alpha" i turned to glare at him i got up to leave the room.i said
"I need to talk to Ayane." i went down and found Ayane and Asked her what she thought about Fang.She said,
"I think you should dump him.You would be better off.A free spirit at wild as you that is what you should be" she kept saying that and i believed her
Fang's P.O.V
I heard a knock on my door i said
"Yeah?" Rose walked in and she looked nervous she said
"Uh,Fang i think we shouldn't be together.Of course still be friends but i think we should.I'm sorry" she left my room and i was. Well i don't know
Ayane's P.O.V
Rose came out and said
"Happy now,You got what you wished."she went to Alphas room.I followed she went in and sat down next to Alpha.She was so upset she was shaking.Kasumi,Nudge and Angel came in and Nudge said
"Oh my whats wrong." before i could answer Helena was in the room and said
"I just talked to Fang.He said she dumped him.No reason why.Ayane what did you do to her?" i sighed and looked at the floor and told her.Alpha,Nudge,and Angel went
"What!" i had it.I sat down and about 20 minutes later i said to Kasumi
"I'm fixing this." i marched over to Fang's room so mad i could have had steam blowing trough my ears i knocked on his door.The gasman answered and i said
"Can i come in?" i was allowed and i thought Fang was gonna slam me trough the wall.He could have he said
"What?" i started
"Look,about what Rose said.I influenced her to do that.I didn't know it would bother her or you this much."
Rose's P.O.V
I was starting to settle down then i felt a loss of energy i stood up only to Death finally winning.The metronome wan't off so i said
"Let.Me.D-" before i could finish i felt a familiar slap.I said
"I will only kill you all." i felt Alpha crying.I blacked out
Fang's P.O.V
She was blacked out but she said in that light voice i heard the day before
"Goodbye,I gotta go.Gotta leave you all behind." then she got up eyes closed and got her knife.She made 3 deep cut to her wrists and said while laughing
"I know you will miss me.Put me in the kitchen and then say you fin-" it cut off only to her gagging.She was back.I took her wrist and bandaged them up and then she said
"I want to die!" she favorite live from her favorite song.I uttered all the swear words i knew.I uttered them because when Rose died once Alpha said all of them like 4 times.She was only made 6 years ago.I think i shouldn't tell Rose about that one.then Rose said
"Lets go out to dinner everybody!"


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