My Maximum Ride
Author: EvanescenceFreak

Chapter 26
What Is It

Rose's P.O.V
Okay i found online that you can burn sage to get rid of spirits.I bought sage and did the ritual.Something weird was happening to me.I called out to the spirit i saw my bed sheets coming for me.i thought This is it,Goodbye before i could finish my thought Alpha stepped on it and i saw it.The thing that kept killing me.The ghost of my real Parents.I said
"Leave us alone." by then everyone saw them the ghost said
"Were sorry." after that they left and left of good.I could tell that Alpha was scared 'cause she clung to me like glue.Fang said
"What was that?The ghost of your parents." i nodded still in fear i grabbed my bag and said
"I need to get out of here for awhile.I will be at the Karaoke Place." Max said
"NO! Not unless we go." she looked around and everyone nodded.i said annoyed
"Lets GO." we got there and left about an hour later i was flying home when something happened i was falling my wings couldn't move Fang and Alpha caught me before anyone could react i was still falling weighing them down i said
"Let me go.I can stick the landing.You have been friends with a gymnast" they let me go i did land on my feet and then everyone landed and Fang said
"Die you (insert swear words of your choice)ghost" i looked at him i said
"Okay next time let me di-" Fang smacked me and said
"No! that will not happen.Not while we are here." icould tell he was being possessed.His eyes went black.He was trying to hit me but i hit him so hard the ghost ran away.He was gasping for air and Alpha said
"Whoa" i told Fang when he could actually focus on me.
"Fang,you were possessed." he got into a sitting position.Kasumi and the others must have realized we weren't there so they were they i was sitting next to Fang when he sat up.So everyone saw Fang kiss me.I was actually stunned he did that in front of people.Fang then pulled back to say
"Rose,I...I still like you." i went to say something then he had hugged me and me,Alpha and Kasumi started crying.The others in my family came to sit.Me,Ayane,Alpha,Kasumi,Ryu,Helena.We all sat in a circle and chanted this
"Let,this evil vanquish.We shall not die.This energy.This Family.The Friends.The ones we love.Leave us at once return nevermore." then we chanted something in a different language and i sang this 4 times
"haven't you heard of that sound?haven't you heard of that ghost?haven't you seen what i have seen?." then we could feel nothing in the air i Looked around everyone had looked shocked.I got up to stand next to Angel and i had heard Ayane talk she was talking to Kasumi
Ayane's P.O.V
Okay i have lost my mind.Did i just see what i think i saw.Fang KISS Rose.See i am very protective of her.I said
"Kasumi,I don't trust Fang.I don't trust anyone who says they either like or love her.I don't want her to feel broken again i don't want anyone to remind her of her terrible parents." Kasumi said
"Look Ayane Fang likes her.There is nothing you can do about it.If i din't know any better i would have actually thought he loved her." i winced at those 2 words.They were serious word 'loved her'.
(I am at a dead end.I will write more later.)


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