My Maximum Ride
Author: EvanescenceFreak

Chapter 25

Kasumi's P.O.V
I had on hand on her heart and one on the metronome.It was getting to the point where i wanted to quit but I could tell i couldn't quit but the tension and crying in the room.i whispered to her
"Please Rose come back to us." after that she started gagging and i did to
Alpha's P.O.V
Rose was coming but Kasumi was gagging i knew that meant it was working so i went with it.Fang was looking nervous.Max told me he never shows emotion.Rose came back i rushed over to hug her.She was still in shock she hugged Kasumi and Helena and every one else.Nudge was like so sweet.Rose must be nice to them.Also,Max told me when you hug Fang he turns into an unbending statue.Not today he actually hugged somebody.I am still surprised by her before and after pictures.From a blonde to black.
Rose's P.O.V
"Please i don't want to die,AGAIN!" I went up to Fang and said
"Fang,Um can i talk to you?"
"Yeah,Lets go to your music room." so we walked up to my music room and i said
"Why am i dying so much i'm tired of worrying people.Next time why don't you leave me dead,I got the response of
"No." with that he kissed me.See when he kisses i forget everything.Even my NAME.So when i pulled back and hugged me i was so scared of death now did death need me for something?Apparently Fang knew i was terrified and said
"lets go back to your room"
Ayane's P.O.V
I needed her to quit dying on me and everyone else.ugh,even Fang.I don't get why she likes him i hate him.I would have left him at the house.But i finished cleaning up her blood and Rose and Fang walk in i said
"Rose,Why did you cut yourself?"
"Look something took me over like an evil spirit.Death has been wanting me for 3 months.I am to scared that maybe tomorrow i try to hang myself."Rose had said looking as scared as she sounded
"No,I won't allow you saved me Rose you kept me from being a monster.You care about everyone you meet.Why not yourself?" Alpha said sounding like she had been crying.Thats when Rose breaks down.I wasn't sure i could take this anymore i mean-
"Negative energy" Fang said looking down.Rose said
"Negative Energy,Give me my laptop.I need to search how to get rid of negative energy." she search and came up with burning sage.


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