My Maximum Ride
Author: EvanescenceFreak

Chapter 24
A New Hope Or Hurt

Angel's P.O.V
Wow Helena's house was huge she had a bedroom and bathroom for all of us,But me and Nudge took one room to ourselves i said
"Nudge,Do you think were safe here?"
"Yes,Besides we have ninjas on our side.We have Rose.We have The rest of the flock.Were safe." nudge said
"I think Ayane is cool.Purple hair and purple tinted eyes."i said.Nudge and me were almost done then she said
"I think Kasumi is cool.Orange Red hair.and brown eyes."
Max's P.O.V
on the back wall at the end of the house on the 2 floor here is the order.Me,Fang,Rose,Angel and Nudge,Gasman,Iggy. simple you would think.Well not so simple when you have a talk fest down the hall and explosive and a vampire.I think not.I went over to Rose's room and i said
"can i come in?"she nodded and i said
"there is something bothering you i can tell it on your face."
she got up and took me on the 3 floor to the other end of the house and said
"This was my Music Spot.I have every instrument know." she showed me every thing and we went back to her room she said
"if anyone like Alpha or Kasumi bother you come to me.It is best to do that the sisterly way."
Fang's P.O.V
I heard singing.I knew it was Rose.What made me think twice was it wasn't a usual happy song to her.She was singing.a song about death and darkness overcoming the world.when she finished she spoke.
"I need to die nobody needs me nobody cares isn't something missing.isn't someone missing me." that is when i heard crying i bolted out of my room and she had it locked Alpha and Ayane were there also Alpha picked the lock and we walked in to her cutting her arms.She wasn't crying anymore.she was smiling and said
"i got to go." in a light voice.Then something changed her face went from happy to hurt and dropped the razor and said"Somethings killing me." i went to her left side with less damage.Alpha went to the other Anyne was talking to her calming her down.Rose said
"I dont know what happened i did speak then i went black something took me over."I freaked Alpha passed out and by then Everyone was at the door.A moment of silence to a moment of fear.Rose started fading and i said
"Don't leave." she looked at me and said
"Bohemian Rhapsody listen to it." i got her laptop and searched it i played it when it got to a certain part she put her hand on the laptop and said
"Let me go." Alpha said
"No! i'm not letting my sister go i need you Rose i will die if your not here please please.Stay!" it was almost to late until Kasumi got the metronome.Rose was dead but Kasumi turned it on and put one hand on Rose's heart and the other on the metronome.Helena said
"A life well lived will come again"
(I will continue with this i will have to think about this one.I know she dies alot.)


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