My Maximum Ride
Author: EvanescenceFreak

Chapter 23
Family Togetherness

(you need to know what they sound like to go to youtube or something and search dead or alive search Dead or Alive English because it is a game where they speak japanesse or however you spell it.More to come.)
Fang's P.O.V
I went over to Ryu he said
"Yes?" i said
"Im Fang,If you didn't know."
"you like my sister?" he said
"Yeah,I was wondering.How did you know what to teach Rose?" i said but i thought he was answering with a question
"I didn't teach her,she knew everything.She taught me." i was very surprised so i said
"Where are you from?"
"i come from a ninja clan.Every one but Helena and Alpha, Rose's clone.Rose saved her from being turned into a monster."
Kasumi's P.O.V
I was sitting with Ayane and she said
"Why does Fang like Rose?He is to much like her.I wonder if she likes him?Lets go ask her." I held my hand up and said
"Look Ayane,She likes him.They are perfect.I was really shocked at how much he cares for her.I was also shocked to hear that she was dead a few times." Ayane nodded and said
"Why is Fang talking to Ryu? Lets go talk to Rose,Kasumi."
Helena's P.O.V
I was sitting with Rose and she was uttering something and i said
"Darling,Whats wrong?" she looked up to me and i saw pain and sadness.I knew she missed her real Mother and Father.They left her on the streets to die she was so skinny she was 50 lbs. under weight and she arrived at my doorstep and that is when i knew i would take her as one of my own.she said
"why did they leave me out to die?Why did they hate me so much?" she had 3 wooden stakes ready to kill herself.I saw the little talkitive one coming over and Ayane and Kasumi too.
"Nudge,Kasumi,and Ayane please,I can't stay here."
"Lets Fight get your mind off things." i said
Ryu's P.O.V
I looked over Fang's shoulder and said
"Rose,Isn't looking like she always dose." before i could finish me and Fang went over she was fighting Kasumi.Fang said
"What is up with her always Dying?" i said
"Let her tell you,She has always been skinny we have never been able to get her back to normal weight for what she is."
Ayane's P.O.V
I am being blunt.I am feeling so bad for Rose so i said
"Wanna come back home with us?" she said
"I will if they can come." Helena and the others walked over and said
"Yes,they may come.Go home and get your things." The Flock said they wouldn't mind Max said sure so we went to their home and let them pack
Rose's P.O.V
I helped everyone pack and then it was my room i said
"I gonna miss this place.It was always better than my Real parents home." i sniffled and i shed one tear and Fang said when we got eveything in the car
"So,Can you tell me your story?"by then we were all in they van and i said
"My real Mother and Father hated me.I loved them because they gave me a place to sleep.One night that changed i was about to eat diner when they beat my Half to death.Literaly.Then they Kicked me out.I was homeless for 5 weeks looking for food but the most i got at one time was a half eaten hot dog bun.Then i stumbled upon Helena's house they took me in like i was family.I was 50 lb. under weight and i never weighed the amount i was supposed to again.I was always scared of dinner.Even to this day but I have let the past make me stronger." we got to their house and started unpacking.


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