My Maximum Ride
Author: EvanescenceFreak

Chapter 22
Please,I Can't

Rose's P.O.V
I was sitting and talking to Alpha.She had been having a hard time.She asked,
"Are you and know.together?" i got up so fast my head spun

"Why do you assume that?" i said
"well the way he looks at you,the way you look at him,how you-" i heard a knock on the door i said
"come in." it was Fang he said
"have you told her about your very near...happenings?" i looked up at him and i said

"I don't wanna worry." he gave a look that said,please you need to.I sighed and then said
"Alpha,I have had some near death and some death happen to me.But my friends brought me back." she gasped and started crying,I hugged her how she liked it when she was upset.Kasumi was at the door and said

"Can we go to the beach?" me and Fang looked at each other and i said
"Well,Okay" inside i was saying,no please i can't.
Fang's P.O.V
I didn't want to go to the beach.We lost nothing there the only thing we gained was hurtfulness.I looked at Rose who was sagging to carry Ryu.Was he a ninja or something and i heard Rose saying

"so what has Genra been up to isn't he the leader of the." that is all i heard i remember that Rose had like ninja skills her family was ninjas!Helena was a world class opera singers but i could care less.I went to rose and i said

"1 more minute." i finished that we landed and Rose said
"This time i will not die." i went over to Ryu to talk to him.


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