My Maximum Ride
Author: EvanescenceFreak

Chapter 20
I Have Never Been Hurt This Badly

Fang's P.O.V
I didn't like the beach i didn't want to go.Ever since Rose was passed out from Lurain i don't wanna go back.I flew up beside Nudge and said
"Okay,What is going on with you.You are more like a sister to Rose than any of us."
"Well,She needs a sister.If she didn't i don't think you would be here right now.But,she has taught me and we have argued but she is like my real sister if she stays here,I don't want to find my parents.And that is my final thought." she told me.I was really surprised to hear that.So i skipped Nudge and went to Angel.I said
"Angel,What do you think of Rose."
"Well,A sister like a real sister." she said and i have never been this surprised before and i guess it showed,because Rose said
"Hey,Who surprised you." so i flew up next to her and i said
"Nudge and Angel think of you as their real sister.Nudge said that she wouldn't find her parents if you stayed." well we arrived at the beach.I could tell Rose hesitated even though no ones there.
Rose's P.O.V
i sooooooo didn't want to go to the beach but i went.I didn't even know,or i would have worn something cooler i wore.A short sleeved black tee shirt and on the back said "Mess with me your dead."i red letters and i had worn my leather jacket and leather boots and black pants.I saw 12 people coming our way.I hit Fang once i knew what they were.Erasers.i got up and and hissed that is when they came closer faster one hit me i was hurt every one else was knocked out except Angel who stayed airborne.
Max's P.O.V
we got up to only find Rose out cold and leaned down to check her pulse.She had no pulse.Nudge and Angel were trying not to cry.I saw cut marks on her shirt so i lifted her shirt to her bathing suite top.She had been stabbed several times they went all the way through her.Only 5 marks but she wasn't knocked out.She was then i was crying
Fang's P.O.V
I have no idea how to bring her back i saw Nudge come over she put her hands on Rose's heart and pushed.It half way worked she ha a pulse but not breathing i pushed her heart 2 more times but then she was breathing she was gasping for air
Rose's P.O.V
Once again i was being carried,but this time i didn't care cuz i'm ALIVE.I looked up to Fang who was telling Angel something and i said when he was done
"how did i die?" the question stunned him but Angel said
"Well,you were stabbed 5 times and you were bleeding i think you only lost to much blood and you were knocked out." i was relived to be here
Nudge'd P.O.V
I was so happy Rose was alive.I was probably happier than she was.I went to talk to her and i said
"I am really happy your alive." she nodded she was still in shock.I could understand i mean stabbed knocked out then die.It would take me a while.


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