My Maximum Ride
Author: EvanescenceFreak

Chapter 19

Fang's P.O.V
so me and Max were talking and she said
"Well,Are you and Rose done fighting." right when she said that i heard
"attack!" all of the other girls were running right at me.When Rose was about a foot away from me she leaped to me.she landed on top of me
Rose's P.O.V
My face was about 6 inches from Fang's face.I was laughing and i got up and helped him up when he said
"What was that about?" i was looking at his arm.He was bleeding and i said
"well,we were playing a little joke on you,but i think you should look at your hand." he glanced at his hand but before he could say anything i was in the house and dragged out the others and i said
"Well.Lets go and get some Ice Cream." they all cheered and i told Fang
"So,what do you think i should do?" he knew i was meaning if i should leave of stay with them. he said
"i think you should stay here.I mean Nudge and Angel think of you as a sister,they would cry all day if you left." we arrived at the Ice Cream Parlor and they ordered what they wanted and i payed and i went go sit down but something grabbed my neck.GRRR an Eraser had my neck and i said
"well i think you you should order some ice." the eraser said "what" i took my hand and i was at a wall so i peeled his hand away and i pushed him to the wall and i bit his hand.He yelped and smacked me and i heard very faint foot steps.It was Nudge,Angel and Gazzy.Nudge took her ice cream and jammed it in his face he was and unhappy camper so i took the advantage and hit him with a roundhouse kick than an uppercut.He went down and i said
"Well some ice cream is better served at home." i turned to Nudge who was talking to Fang like he was supposed to come over here so of course i went over and said
"What is going on?" Fang looked at me and then Nudge said
"Well i called him out because we had to come and solve to problem.He should have been the one to help not us.I'm done" i looked to Fang and said
"Next time,We should go to the store and get ice cream."
Max's P.O.V
I was surprised Nudge never acted like this.I went over and said
"Um..Are you okay?"nudge turned to me and said
"Can we go to the beach.Only 20 minutes from here." i said
"Sure,But this time No one gets hurt.I'm talking to you Rose." she nodded and said
"I don't plan to." she looked to me and said
"What are we waiting for? lets go!" i looked to Fang
he looked worried.Off to the beach we go.


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