My Maximum Ride
Author: EvanescenceFreak

Chapter 18
Energy Drain

Max's P.O.V
"Rose,What do you mean by Negative Energy." she held up her hand and pointed to Fang.I think he is supposed to tell me.
"Simple,Well in our front yard she feels a Negative Energy.All Vampires feel like that in some spots.So we are finding the source of it.Also" Rose stopped and i saw she looked terrified and so i said
"Whats wrong." then instead of looking terrified,she was angry then she leaped forward and started fighting with something.Then the something happened to be Lurain.i stepped forward and i saw Lurain holding Rose's Butchering knife and Rose was on the ground not doing anything then i heard leaves crunching behind her.It was just a Shadow that was carrying a rope.The Shadow to the rope and took one of her hand and tied it to her back also with the other then the Shadow took her away.And came back the Shadow was Fang her was on the ground by her and checked her pulse.There was no pulse.Nudge cried and so did Angel.That is when my Voice popped in to say
'Put both hands on her heart and push do that 3 times it should work' So i knelt down on the ground and did what it said.It worked she was gasping for air and then said
"What happened.Did we find the energy." Nudge and Angel quit crying but their tear-stroked faces wanted to run away.I got up and headed for the house.Rose tried to get up but her knee and foot were broken.So Fang carried her to the house
Rose's P.O.V
i was so embarrassed to be carried by Fang but Nudge talked non stop
"Are you okay?Do you like the color orange?how much time dose it take for you to heal?Do you like being a vampire" i said
"Yes,No,From a broken leg 1 day,and Kinda" she nodded and then Angel said
"Why don't you ask them then" i must have had a confused look on my face so she said
"I read her mind she was going to ask 'Do you like'" Nudge had clamped her hand over her mouth and said after sighing
"Do you really want me to ask?" i said
"Ask away"
"Do you and Fang like each other?" she said looking at the floor so me and Fang said at the same time
"Why do you think that?" Angel said
"I know cause i read both of your minds!" i said
"Well i do but i don't know about him?" he put me in the chair and leaned down to kiss my head and he said
"Yeah,We have fights.I think that was just the Energy.But that is gone now." i said
"thankfully" i stood up and walked a little my leg healed faster than what i thought.I told Nudge and Angel to come to my room.Fang came to,i got them in my room and i asked
"Nudge.Do you want me to sew you something?" she said
"Yeah i want another halter top but Purple." so i had made one in her size aready so i gave it to her and she said
"Yay.Make something for yourself."
"Let me make Angel something" i made her and navy blue tee shirt she said thanks so i got to work on something for me
i was making a shirt that was Deep Brown it was sleeveless at the shoulders but at the elbow there were to be sleeves that were white and had studs on i.I finished and went to put it on and came out and Angel and Nudge said
"Pretty" i looked at Fang i did a 360 and he said
"I like it" Nudge put her hand on her hip and shouted
"LIKE it.It is Beautiful." Then Max came in and said
"What is going" she saw me and said "Wow,that is so cute.Did you make it?" i said i did then she finished her sentance
"What is going on in here." Nudge said
"Well she came out in this shirt and me and Angel said it was pretty and all Fang said was 'i like it' so i said 'Like it' and so that is it" she looked at Fang and said
"We are done in here." she shoved Fang out the door but Nudge and Angel stayed and Max said
"Who is up for a little chase" we all said in a whisper
Me.Max said
"i will get Fang out when i say 'Rose'Come and attack him" we all said okay and then she went out and said
"We need to talk" they went out and we climbed out my window and waited for then signal.


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