My Maximum Ride
Author: EvanescenceFreak

Chapter 17
I'm "Dyeing"

Fang's P.O.V
I was up and Rose was getting ready to go to the store.She had 50 dollars to buy what she needed so i was wondering around her room and found a knife.I looked at it till Rose came out of the bathroom she had curled her hair and had in her contacts.
Rose's P.O.V
I was wearing a Deep blue corset and a white floor length skirt and black high heels no leather jacket today.I caught Fang looking at my knife and i said
"That is my butchering knife.You know for meat and stuff." he looked up then he stared at me i said
"What are you looking at?" he said
"You look kinda like a rock star on tour." i said to him
"I got the ideas from my favorite singer,Amy lee the lead singer for Evanescence." so i left and i went to the store and then next door was a Hair color selling place i had 40 dolor left and i went in.I bought hair color that was Purple, Blue, Green, Red.I went home i tried to sneak to my room but Fang said
"what is in the extra bag." he took the bag from me and took a container out and said.
"Hair Color,really?" i said
"Yes i am putting the blue and green in my hair now.I am getting Nudge to help me." i put the bag down and got nudge in my room i showed her how to do it and she did it on my hair and it turned out perfect.I went out to the living room
Max's P.O.V
I was in the living room and Rose and Nudge walk in.I looked at Rose's hair it was blue and green in some spots i said
"You colored your hair.Who did it" she pointed to Nudge.It did look good so i asked
"She really did it?" she nodded i was kinda shocked that Rose colored her hair. she went out side and said
"I am gonna track this Negative Energy."


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