My Maximum Ride
Author: EvanescenceFreak

Chapter 16
Flying Home

Rose's P.O.V
Okay i was in the back and I said.
"Look who came back." It was Lurain.Fang was in front of me ready to attack.Also ready to attack.Max,Nudge,Gasman,and even Angel.I had to say this
"You can't fight a Vampire.She will bite you.She is weak anyway" I turned so I could see her better.when Lurain said
"Hah,These are your friends,Wow,no different than you.Bold.and.A little Stupid." that did it i went after her.This time i won.I said to Fang
"I think she won't be coming back.If she does i will kill her myself" he chuckled .Nudge came and hugged me and said
"What happened between you and her?" I said
"Well,in 6th grade,me and her had been best friends till,the fight.Someone was a vampire and then one was like you,and,they needed to create a hybrid.They bit both of us,but,they got the Bird genes into me first.By the time they got to her I was awake.So I hit them with the school baseball bat and kicked them out.You think she would be thankful,But she wanted to be what I was that went from best friend to worst enemy." I looked down and said
"Lets go home." we did and then I climmed in my window and I went to sleep


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