My Maximum Ride
Author: EvanescenceFreak

Chapter 15
Rose's Mystery "Friend"

Rose's P.O.V
So i got to my favorite song on my whole phone and it was cut off.Not by not playing someone pulled out my earbuds.I looked up.Then i looked down as soon as i got to her mouth.Eraser,No.Vampire,Yes.Fang whispered in my ear
"who is she?" i tried not to answer.So i got up and said
"Lurain,Well i haven't seen you since 6th grade.Glad i haven't" Fang,Max,Nudge,Iggy,Gasmam,and Angel were all looking at me i had a dart in my hand just in case but she said
"Put the dart down and i will put mine down so we can fight the right way." i dropped it she dropped hers and then we were at it.I knocked her down in 5 hits and i said
"Just as frail as when i taught you,Now leave me and my friends or i will bit you myself then put the poison in you." i turned around she stuck a dart in my leg.One of mine,I blacked out
Fang's P.O.V
i went after Lurain like she just killed my friend.Well make that passed out.Do Vampires Die? I went to her and said
"hey,Met me." i undid my wings she looked amazed and said
"Rose,Never showed me her wings.Sad but she never will cuz im out" she left but i ran to Rose who was gagging like someone was choking her.To be honest i am worried.No wonder she didn't want to go to the Beach
Max's P.O.V
I was trying to find her venom extractor she had one.Nudge and Angel were crying.But that was when her hand turned over slowly.She smiled her eyes still she said
"Don't cry.She was always mean.Not the first time"she opened her eyes but didn't move much them she sat up and said
"I bleed out the venom." that is when Nudge and Angel were crying even harder that is when Rose got up hugged them both
Gasman's P.O.V
Rose i like a sister to everyone.I wanted to go to Lurain and snatch her lungs but i could hear rose in my head
"Violence never solves anything" we were flying home.


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