My Maximum Ride
Author: EvanescenceFreak

Chapter 14
Beach Fun (Maybe)

Rose's P.O.V
It was morning.and we were going to the Beach.I wasn't happy i looked way different,my Blonde hair was now black,I replaced every thing I was wearing a deep read tank top with a spider web on the side,I wore my leather jacket and black jeans,And black combat boots,I styled my hair and it was half up in the back and I tied it with a red tie and put blood red beads.I had on Deep red eye shadow and blood red lipstick.i called it the "Vampire Style" i walked into the kitchen every one stared at me even.Nudge looked surprised.Angel didn't she knew i was a Gothic Rocker.Max said
"Um,Rose we are goin to the beach.Not Hot Topic" Angel said
"This is who she really is A Gothic Rocker.Isn't that right" my eyes were yellow so i wasn't wearing contacts.I said
"Yes,But i am a mix,Of Victorian and Rocker goth"we went out to start flying I undid my wings.They were black but in the sunlight deep red.
Nudge's P.O.V
Rose,was different she still acted the same way.I wasn't used to her like this i flew up beside her and said
"So,this is who you really are?" she said
"Yeah,I am what I am I can't change that,but most vampires don't like color I was always upset when i wore bright colors it is what vampire do they wear dark clothing.But I love anything leather." i thought but it didn't work
Fang's P.O.V
"Wow Rose,So your Gothic" i said her black hair covered up half of her face even though she had it pulled up.She replied
"Yeah,I know what i forgot!My spider necklace.I can't find it do you know where it is." in an earlier chapter i found a necklace and i carried it around so i pulled it out of my pocket and said
"This it?" she said yes so i gave it to her she put it on a said
"look complete"
Max's P.O.V
Rose was at the back when i heard a scream.It was Nudge.Rose had been shot.Bleeding but she didn't notice.She always carried pliers for that reason so she pulled it out of her wrist and said
"wow someone shot me with a 50 cal. riffle!" she dropped the bullet and we kept flying when i heard Nudge scream again
"Im FINE NUDGE" Rose said a Tranquilizer shot her but five of them down her spine and one on each leg she paid no mind but landed.Nudge helped her get them out of her back.Rose pulled out a bag and took out a needle and cut her wrist and there was another bullet but it was lodged in the bone so she took a very thin pair of pliers and pulled it out but it wasn't a bullet it a bomb that looked like a bullet she threw it in a lake and we left she took out another bag and put the darts in it she had like 23 of them she had them filled with poison so who ever got hit was done.With life.
Angel's P.O.V
We are at the beach and Rose sits and has an phone with music Fang it listing to her music and Max the same Nudge and Iggy and collecting Shells and me and gasman are playing under water hide and seek.Somethings wrong.


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