My Maximum Ride
Author: EvanescenceFreak

Chapter 13
Up In The Sky Of Emotion

Rose's P.O.V
And Then there were 4 Erasers i shouted cuz i saw Tranquilizer Darts
"Get Behind me." Every one of there Tranquilizer Darts ended up on them one of them said while i was dragging them to a tree
"Where are you going" he said
"A snack" i had a snack but they tasted terrible like how a dirty sock smells.After They were gone we went inside and,remember the last chapter this comes in handy,Fang kept saying sorry but I ignored him so he followed me to my room.Nudge was like my new sister when ever i didn't want to be bothered with someone she would block them away.So when Fang followed me Nudge new i didn't want to see him so she fought him away from me then she came into my room she asked
"Can you teach me how to play and instrument?"
"Okay i will teach you the piano first." she followed me to the piano i told her to touch every key and see what they sounded like.She did then she said
"Is there a warm up song?" by then i was looking for it in my song book of notes and lyrics.I pulled an easy one i played the first 6 keys then she played them slowly and then 3 tries later she got it.I played the net 6 keys then she did the same.She played the whole song and she said
"Wow,but can i hear you play." i pulled my favorite it was "Nothing Else Matters" by Metallica.i played it and by the time i was done i found that everyone was in my room watching me play and they sounded like a lot of people even, well i bet you know anyways but it was Fang who was closest i kinda on de-fence since Nudge was in my room so i freaked out so i took Fangs wrist turned him around and took him to the wall and put handcuffs on him they were real since i won them at the fair.He said
"Yep,i freaked out so.Nudge want me to teach you how to play that song?" Nudge said yes like 8 times then i showed her then she play and she did well.


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