My Maximum Ride
Author: EvanescenceFreak

Chapter 12
Flying High With Hate

Max's P.O.V
It was morning Rose had gotten up and was outside punching at a tree.Not unusual.I went outside and Rose wasn't angry.She was crying.I could see her bruised face bloody hands and her legs were looking unusual.I could tell she had been in a fight then fought the tree.If your new to this story go to chapter one and read all of it then you'll understand.Fang was already by her saying "sorry" over and over and over again.She fought him off of her and she saw me and she walked to the house and took me by the arm and took me to the house.Fang tried but I fought him off so he wasn't getting near her.
Rose's P.O.V
Sometimes i HATE Fang I mean like H-A-T-E him when im out side (Chapter one and read it all to this chapter)he had fought me last night with words and himself i was to weak to defend myself so i was broken inside and out i was hurt by his words and broken by him i took Max to my room.Angel,Nudge,Gasman, and Iggy followed.I hated them seeing me like this.I was on my bed crying and Gasman gaurded the door so Fang couldn't get me.GRRRRRR at MYSELF.i told Angel with my mind and she said
"Rose told me with her mind," she studied my face the continued"She was getting up to get an apple to eat and Fang was up.Fang wasn't right he was angry at her for going out on a date and she ran outside she was half asleep.He beat her but she couldn't defend herself.After he left she was out for awhile and she started punching the tree since 5:00 -7:45 when she took a break then continued until Max found her." By then Nudge was out the door fighting Fang for me i told her in a whisper thanks then she said a lot of un-nice words to him and he stared at her shocked.She came back and she put her head in my shoulder and she cried with me.But for me.The door and the window was open Fang came in i went out the window and flew for awhile and then Nudge found me and said with tears in her eyes
"Would you like to join the Flock." i told her yes but then when she hugged me i let go of her and i told her in her ear
"Somethings wrong she looked behind me and said
"UH,Rose" i turned around an then


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