My Maximum Ride
Author: EvanescenceFreak

Chapter 11
Today's "Date"

Rose's P.O.V
I had to go to the store to get some juice the blood sub. as I called it.I was on the isle and ran into a cute guy he is 14 i'm 13.We started talking and he was nice.
Fang's P.O.V
"Where is Rose?" I asked Max and she walked into the door.She said
"I met this guy.And well were going out on a date tonight." She said that so quick and she tried to get to her room but I said
"What!With who.Why."
"look I just need to get out the house for awhile.It is nothing personal.His name is Raymond just a little taller than me.We are going to a karaoke place and trust me nothing will go wrong he will pick me up in about an hour so I will need to sew something.Max wanna help."
Max's P.O.V
We went to her room and she started sewing a One sleeved top but on the other side it drooped off the shoulder and it was deep purple and made a black mini skirt she wore her black combat boots.I did her hair but she did the makeup i watched her apply it she was applying a silver shadow and Black eyeliner that she winged out.It was pretty.we went down the hall but I stopped her and asked
"So how long will you be out."
"About 2 hours 2 and a half at the max." She said.He arrived and I have to say he was cute so she walked out and they left
Rose's P.O.V
We were at the karaoke place and I got up to sing I said
"I wanna sing "My Tourniquet" by Evanescence." I sang my heart out and i got an encore so i sang "Haunted" also by her.We arrived home I could see a figure in the window and I got out and said
"I had fun."
"I did to you sing very well." I said thanks and he started to lean in to kiss me but I stopped him and said
"Bye Raymond good night" and I left toward the house and the figure was well take a wild guess he was jealous,well you said right it was Fang I tired to hurry pass him but said
"well have a nice time." I said I did then he said
"Well he tried to kiss you.You didn't let him.Why?" I said
"I don't like him,I like...." I paused but said "I sang awesomely at the Karaoke place"
"You like who" he said. I whined and said
"Okay he is in this room." he looked around and I stared at him and said
"Really?It is you.DUH" but before I got duh out he came over and kissed me light on the lips and said
"Well I like you too.And please don't go out on a date again I sat there for 2 hours" i told him i wouldn't and i went to my room washed my face and went to sleep.


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