My Maximum Ride
Author: EvanescenceFreak

Chapter 10
Negative Energy

Max's P.O.V
So we were on our way home and Rose still looked sick.She landed and she felt her back and and there were 2 tranquilizer darts on her back she didn't pass out like last time,she removed them and she shouted
"Angel,Look out!" Angel moved to the side and 2 flying Erasers were coming our way.She took the darts and with her deadly aim she hit both of them in the head and she ran over and she had a "snack" for what she calls.I think it's putting their expiration up to date.She came back,Blood splattered on her shirt and pants her teeth were red and her face was perfect her leather jacket torn at the arm and said
"Wow,they sure don't like being eaten." she brought back a heart and put it in the river we went over Fang said
"So your sure there dead?" she told him to go look at the bodies he came back and said
"Oh yeah,They aren't coming back anymore." so by the time we got home she was angry the flock went inside but Fang stayed to talk to her we all watched out the window.
Rose's P.O.V
okay the yard makes me mad it is the "negative energy" that gets to my head I started punching trees and my hands were bloody but instantly healed Fang said
"so this 'negative energy' is getting to you?"
"yeah,but all Vampires feel like that in places indoors or out.But this is the first time." I said
"well,if you need to fight.Fight me." he said I looked at him then the tree and said
"I am still what they call 'Blood Drunk'." he looked confused so I said
"It is when we drink blood and we were in rage our bodies send signals to the brain that they are still in a trance from blood." he still looked confused so I said with a bored look on my face
"we drank blood when we were mad and and we were in trance." he nodded he said
"Well,how long does it last?" I told him and hour and he said it had been 54 minutes since me eating the Erasers and i said
"Aren't you glad i'm on this side so I can put an end to some Erasers." he started
"Yeah" he looked at me "Well lets go inside" We went inside
Fang's P.O.V
We went inside and the flock watched us Angel blurted out
"What does 'Blood Drunk' mean we heard that but couldn't hear the reason?" so she started telling them and they all said
"oh" Nudge said
"Rose can I talk to you?" I haven't ever heard that leave her mouth before who knows what she is up to Rose said
Nudge's P.O.V
I took her to my room and told her to sit down and I asked
"Can you sew stuff?" she said
"Yeah,What do you need?"
"Can you sew me a new Shirt kind-of like yours?" I said
"Sure." she took out a note pad and asked me
"Okay details i need,so what color do you want" she said
"I would like hot pink" she asked me also
"What kind of shirt,like,a tank top,Halter,short sleeve elbow length or long sleeve" i asked her to show me some of her stuff she made.She took me to her room and showed me i chose the Halter top.she measured me so she could make it.She said she had made one like I wanted when she was younger the same size so she gave it to me.I put it on and it fit and I loved it told her thanks
Max's P.O.V
Rose came out and Nudge was behind her and she said
"Do you like it?Rose made it." it was pretty I asked Rose
"You can sew?" she said yeah and she has a lot of stuff to sew now that she has told us she gave us a sheet and with details on how to measure she gave a measuring tape to us so she could get her things ready she sewed like 7 things in 20 mins.All the stuff was nice.she taught me how to sew.she got to Angel we had our work cut out for us.


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