My Maximum Ride
Author: EvanescenceFreak

Chapter 9
Flight Gone Wrong

Fang's P.O.V
We are all outside and we are taking a night flight.i called out to Rose who was furiously beating a tree it was small but 3 punches later it had been tipped over her knuckles were bloody but she never noticed that she was bleeding but it healed instantly like a vampire
"Rose,what is wrong?" she looked at me for a second then said
"There is negative energy that is getting to my head it is like something has put Bad .vs. Good in my head." she was wearing a light purple shirt a leather jacket and blue jeans
"Let go up!" she can just jump since she is a Vamp. and fly but we have to get a running start it was about 4:13 A.M and she was getting sick looking
Rose's P.O.V
I was getting terribly weak i was having trouble breathing and all of a sudden i fell along with Nudge 1 of my wings quit working and went in but my other worked and made me lop-sided there was a river under us and i said
"Nudge,its a river.Dive!" with a loud splash we were in the river.We were swimming to shore my foot got caught on something Angle heard my thought and went in and since she can breathe underwater she untangle my foot i got to shore and Max said loudly even though i was right next to her
"What happened did you wing fail or what!"
"One of my wings failed but it didn't hurt once i started falling luckily we were over a river." i said.We had flown about 34 miles i said
"We better get home." she looked like she knew something was wrong


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