My Maximum Ride
Author: EvanescenceFreak

Chapter 8
My Hidden Secret (part 2)

I took his foot and threw him in to the sky i was up and i did one last uppercut and he went down to the ground and i was down there before he was.This was like war.
Max's p.o.v
They were at it like never before it was like a deleted fight scene from a pirates movie it was brutal i sent Angel in the house but she was watching out the broken window i have no idea how to get them to stop fighting.
Fang's p.o.v
I was beating her but she was beating me she couldn't use her left hand she broke it her nose was broken and her thumb was broken on her right hand but she acted like she was out for blood.MY blood.she was scary i mean she came close to biting me but she didn't i started to say
"Why are we fighting."
"I dont know why you are asking me were both the problem."
she had said but she was still beating me my right hand was broken 2 of my other fingers were broken and i gave up
"OW!" she yelled "a rock just hit my eye!" she had fallen down and a tranquilizer dart was in her back she was out
"Max,Nudge!Drag her in the house tell Angel to stay with her."
Nudge's p.o.v
I was confused i asked Max
"what happened.Is she out what is going on!"
"She is out now open her room's door." she said.I opened the door and Angel was watching the fight.
"An Eraser is here go i will watch her." little Angel had a big heart she thought of Rose as a sister.
Angel's p.o.v
Rose had come around about 5 minutes later the fight was still on she said
"what happened?" i said looking at her
"You were hit with a tranil....Tranqu."
"a Tranquilizer dart?"she said
"Yeah that is it you were fighting with-" my voice trailed off it wasn't a good time
"the erasers are here." i said she replied
"what how many?" i told here there was only two but one was stubborn and still fighting
Rose's p.o.v
I ran out the window and yelled
"hey dog. what are you doing here?" he came after me and i gave an uppercut that tipped him over.then he left.
Fang came over and said
"Look,your listing this time.I am sorry i thought you had told other people and i am really sorry." My outfit was torn
i was wearing a blue shirt and a black leather jacket and leather black pants and my shirt was torn my pants from the knee down was torn like someone took a knife to them i responded
"Okay your forgiven,But you do realize i broke you,Right?"
all of us laughed and we ate dinner and i went to my room about 3-4 minutes later i was playing my piano i heard a light tap on my door it was Fang,Angel and Max
Angel sat next to me and said
"you play the piano very well i never knew you played,Really." i was sitting on my bed and Max said
"Um,i guess your still hungry?"she ment by blood hungry she had a bag in her hand and said
"Fang knew you were hungry and knew a substitute for it." she gave me the bag i took a bottle out of the bag it was pomegranate juice i said happily
"Pomegranate juice.Perfect! I prefer this better than the other kind." i drank half of the bottle and i was full i put it in my bag until morning.Fang came in i started playing my guitar and he took the guitar away. i said
"Give me my guitar now."he tossed it out the window i had jumed up and gotten it before it hit the ground.So i started piano he sat down next to me.He knew what song i was playing i had to have 2 people witch i never knew.he played low keys i played high keys i heard max saying she never heard Fang play any instrument.the melody was perfect i said
"Wow, your amazing it took me forever just to learn high keys." he started
"i play a little but no one ever knew." i smiled and said want to take a night flight Angel said to Max
"can we?Please" Max said
"Sure! lets get everyone."


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