My Maximum Ride
Author: EvanescenceFreak

Chapter 7
My Hidden Secret

Okay remember the last chapter.My So called secret is well im a little different than the others Im 96% human 2% Bird and 2% Vampire.Yes i said VAMPIRE I have fangs i drink blood.I dont have Blue eyes i was wearing contacts my eyes are really yellow and i had to get it off of my chest but he was the only one i trusted.Do you think i should forgive Fang(find out in my other pov)
Alright, I did tell but Fang never said keep it a secret so i told i thought she would not mind
Yes i told Max but she never said to not tell so i did not know
Someone was at my door.Fang.He came in and said
"look i want to talk."
"NO!" i said
"well you are." he said angrily
"no im NOT."I was furious
i pushed him and i was right at my window he pushed me
...........CRASH! i went out the window. i did nt react fast enough so i hit the ground i got up and the rest of the flock was already out side i said
"Get down here were gonna stop this." he came out the window
and i gave a roundhouse kick and then did an upper-cut and he tried but i was angry so i took his foot and
(next chapter will continue on this.)


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