My Maximum Ride
Author: EvanescenceFreak

Chapter 5
Mornings Are Never Fun

"Let me tell you all what went on last night with Rose And Fang." at the table was Iggy, Gasman, Angel, Nudge i continued
"Okay,Fang told me last night that Rose and him......KISSED."
"Morning, what are you looking at?" they all blurted out
"congrats" I was confused
"About what?" i said
"You." angel said but she was cut off by nudge who finished the sentance
"KISSED FANG." I was astonished i spoke
"Ughhh what can i do for some one to keep a secret.Wait who snitched" they all looked at max i went over and wispered in her ear
"you have seen what i can do if you do that again you'll end up worse than Fang was." Max shivered
i went to sit at the table and everyone looked at me like Max did last night.Rose looked angry i went to talk to her i said
"What is going on." she started to say
"You cant tell anything without it getting out." i knew she was talking about the kiss i growled at max i snatched her and drug her down the hall way and said
"Really now them really." she said sorry and we went back i put my arm around her waist and she said
"it's true.We did kiss" every one screamed but rose flew out the window and sat on the tallest tree she could find
she was crying she saw me she slid down the tree but i caught her she fought me off and said
"you know what your a TRAITOR i will never ever talk to you again." she ran to the house max came out to where i was but i was already on the ground.
"What happened." she said
"she will never speak to me matter what i do" max was suprised i never was really upset i found her necklace and i put it in my pocket and i quit sobbing and i went to the house to my room and went to sleep .


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