My Maximum Ride
Author: EvanescenceFreak

Chapter 4
Am I Forgiven

I was in my room and heard a light tap on my door I said,
"Yeah" Fang opened the door and Angel darted through the door and landed on my bed Fang started after he shut the door
"We need to talk.....About Rose."he said looking upset "Umm I need help I don't know what to do to get her to forgive me I'm upset all the time with her not talking to me at all can you talk to her to ask her why she wont forgive me,Max please help me." I pondered it I couldn't hurt him but i couldn't become nosy in her world I said
"Sorry,YOU have to talk to her it wont help if I do if she rejects go in any ways."
"Okay I'll go talk to her." he went over to her room and taped on her door and he went in any ways and he said
"Look I'm sorry i know your mad at your self so am i but please forgive me I...I.....I like you Rose and i just want you to forgive me." Rose was Mixed full of emotion but she started sobbing Fang went to sit next to her and she tucked her head in her knees and said to his face looking him in the eyes she said
"Why why do you like me everyone hates me no one cares I don't even care about me anymore"
I was looking at her long wavy blonde hair and sparkly blue eyes and her tank top and jeans like always but today she was upset i didn't know what to say but
"Rose. I know I messed up but I care I care about you." her face was dry and i couldn't help but kiss her I pulled away and she said
"Your forgiven." then she she started crying again I put my arm around her I heard a know at the door I said
"I'll be right back" I went out the door it was Max she said
"Soooooo what went on" I said
"She forgave me but...." my voice trailed off
"But what" she said
"I kissed her" I said looking at the floor Max's eyes went big I think she was about to explode she said
"Yay i'm so happy for you,you found someone." she said all squeaky like a little mouse
"I think I did but you tell no one understood." she nodded. I told Rose good night and and the second I hit the bed I was asleep.


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