My Maximum Ride
Author: EvanescenceFreak

Chapter 2
The Fight

Well,he went in and shut the door I heard talking,laughing,music,singing.
"Hey Max what are you doing?" Angel said in a light voice.Nudge was right behind her
"Nothing,I hope Rose is okay.Wait I don't hear anything."
"Well Look!" Angel had said loudly. I looked the window was open.They Had gone outside.
"Come,look." they came and they were playing catch and Rose was winning
"Hey please tell me i'm not losing." we heard Fang say from outside.
"Nope,Your losing."Rose said while laughing."Ow,really In the eye that hurt Fang!" now she was running to the house in a hurry Fang was right behind her she ran right to her room she sat down on the bed and said "Block the door from inside and one at the window,I know he will want to come in" he did want to come in but he never did Angel was sitting with her,her nose was bleeding and her eye was a little black.
"Wow are you okay you look like the master of getting hurt!"Nudge had said Rose responded with
"Yep I have been hurt at least 6 out of 7 days a week"
the door has been kicked open and think about who did it. Yep,Fang
"Get out of here Fang everybody go unless you want to see me mad." no one moved so she pushed me and Nudge out the door and Angel was already there she kicked fang out the window and went out after him.We ran to the window and she has superspeed so she had an advantage but she won with only one mark on her face and arm Fang had a black eye and bloody nose like Rose did when he hit her in the face with a foot ball
"Hah,Now will you hit me in the face again"she defended herself from a round house kick by taking the foot and flipping him he was on the floor she went to her room.We said nothing I thought Fang was out but he got up and went to her room he said,
"Rose can i come in" Fang said but Angel went in and sat on her bed Rose covered Angel's ears so she could yell out,
"NO,just wait for a few minutes unless you want me to kick you out the window!"
I went in and said,
"What really happened?" she said,
"I'll talk in the morning" she said,
We left and she was instantly asleep.


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