Life Happens
Author: Braylee B

Chapter 9

Insecurities. Everyone has them. Some more than others. We all have at least one thing we dont like about oursleves. Something that bothers us.

A girl at my school, for her senior project, made a day where people wore a shirt with their insecurity on it. People had things like Body, Not Good Enough, Scars, Self Consious. Me,I had 'Self Harm Scars." A lot of people participated and it was a great way to see just what others deal with. I know that people got worried about me when they saw my shirt. I didnt do it for pity or for people to feel bad about me. I did it so the people that see me as a freak, or a bitch can look at me and see whyI am the wayI am. They can look at me before they say something mean and be like, "You know what, it's not worth putting her through more than she is already dealing with."

All, in all, the biggest thing to talk about, is being proud of who you are. If you dont like something about you, change it. Be the person you want to be. Dont sit around waiting for the thing you dont like about you to just go away. Because its not going to unless you do it yourself.

I know this is short, but I want to do something here. I want you to tell me your insecurity. Message me. Tell me what you dont like about you. Sometimes just venting about it will help you get past it a little easier. But the biggest reason I want you to, is so I can help. I could go on and on about how to get past every little insecurity people can have, but that would take forever. SoI want all you to tell me your insecurity. Whether you are 13 or 31, tell me and you will feel better.
I challenge you to let your insecurity go for five minutes. to let yourself feel free for five minutes.
Life is about being proud of who you are and being happy till the day you die.

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" -MARGARET HUNGERFORD


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