The Mall
Author: Pin3apple

Chapter 1
Chapter 1

Have you ever felt so lost and the only thing you could do to make yourself feel better is hanging out with people you loved? That would be me and I used to always hang out with my dad. But ever since my parents divorced, he left us, leaving me and my mom in misery.
Dad left when we lived in Chicago, where I was born. My mom had fought to keep me but she didn't want me to see my dad. I'd understand that by the way he'd hurted me. I don't know where he is, who he is, or even remembered him as a person. I just hoped he was a good person now since we moved to New York.
When we moved, I couldn't remember one time when my mom wasn't obsessed with business. She tried but obviously failed so many times that it was hard for me to believe in her again. Now I am officially sixteen as my mom works for the jewelry store Kay. She got the job when I was about fourteen. When I came, the only thing I'd do is hang out with friends or just explored the whole mall. Sometimes when I want to earn money I worked at little kid stores including Justice. Emelia, who is the store's owner, pays me about 50$ a week which is really nice considering a friend who gets only ten dollars a week. My mom used to lend me money when she first got the job to own the store Kay. But she got tired of it and soon had asked me to get a real job of my own.
Sometimes on weekdays after school, I go to the back of the store so I can focus on my homework. On the weekends I get up earlier just to open the large store gate for my mom. She deserves it after all those times of getting up before me on schooldays. I just wished I had a dad who'd support me on all this.
"Beep-Beep! Beep-Beep!" My alarm rang repeatedly six times. I sat up on my bed, looking around my green painted room with Zac Efron posters all over. My see through curtains lighted up my room a little but it was still dim. It was Saturday, three A.M. I opened my door, looking across the hall to check if my mom was still sleeping or not. My arms and legs were cold in my skimpy golden tank top with brown mini cheetah shorts I bought from Target. Her door was closed, so I assumed it was my turn to open the store. At least we lived very close to the mall; my mom had always worried about me driving her Chevy.
I got to the mall about 4 A.M, watching through a window Evan and Jack playing cop like every weekend morning. "Ready?" Evan asked his friend Jack across the room, pulling back his slim, black hair. "Ready!" Jack yelled, getting his fingers comfortable in a gun position. Evan and Jack were playful mall cops and best friends. They never acted serious unless Isabelle, the mall owner was here. They called their cop game thief for really no reason. I mean, it's just like cops.
Around this time all the stores are closed. No one is really here except for me, Evan, Jack, and Isabelle. But luckily she is never nowhere near. Mostly people come at six which is when you must be here by.
"Phew! Phew! Phew!" Evan shouted, pretending to shoot his friend Jack across the room. Jack quickly ran to a corner, behind a wall where Evan couldn't see him in plain sight. Out of nowhere Evan shot the perfect gunshot at Jack. "Phew!" Evan said smiling. "Dude, come on! That was no fair!" Jack whined ready for a second round.
Before they could start, I tried knocking on the glass door, hearing all the fuss. Evan opened the door letting out a breeze to my hair. "Thanks" I said, admiring the time when they just ignored me. "I and Evan would just like to inform you that Isabelle won't be here today." Jack smiled. "Really?" I grinned. "Yes! Her family is on vacation!" Jack explained. I smiled walking to Kay's. "Don't forget, John will be here today!" Evan cheered high-fiving Jack. "Already knew that!" I yelled from how far off I walked already.
I walked upstairs on the turned off escalators. To everyone, it was a miracle snappy Isabelle wasn't here today. I unlocked the gate that blocked shoppers from coming in. Especially to a jewelry store these gates are important. I put my homework from school in the back of the store, hoping no one would be able to find it. I sat down by the cash register, putting checks from yesterday in their right places. Before I knew it, it was already 6 A.M, and the mall was starting to turn on its escalator and lights. It was my favorite thing, watching the whole mall come to life.
The door to the store opened, jingling some welcome bells on the side. I turned around finding John, who brings new supplies to every shop in the mall they order. "The new Ruby, red diamond ring is here! But I can't copy the design on the sparkling pink cherry necklace. I tried doing it on the V-neck machine but that didn't work, and I'm not allowed to use the pro-machine over there." He said pointing to the back closet. "Don't worry," I said grabbing the design page, "I know how to do it." I finished. "What time will your mom be here?" "Um... I don't know, depends on what time she wakes up." I said. "Well let's hope it's soon. It should be pretty packed today, since Mother's Day is coming soon." John said. I nodded my head, "Let's hope." I agreed.


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