The Truth Behind The Veil (Complete)
Author: BlackVeiledBrideofJinxx

Chapter 52
The End

About a week and a half ago, a friend of mine mentioned a song by Black Veil Brides that meant a lot to him. Curious, I looked it up and was stunned at how good it was. After hearing a few more songs, I was hooked like a fish on a line.

Black Veil Brides is a band that writes about accepting and being content with who you are, about not caring about the critics that try to change you, that you’re already perfect the way you are. I wish I could have discovered this band when I was in the seventh grade, when they were first getting popular. That way the whole self-confidence and self-appectance message could have found me much sooner.

But now I realize that if it had, I wouldn’t have wrote so many poems about my struggle to find myself beautiful, and if I hadn’t wrote those poems, I wouldn’t have learned from them. I’m just glad that I found all that I was looking for and that most of it is still in my life today.

I started writing this book at the beginning of sixth grade. I wrote as an escape, as my way of releasing the feelings that I kept inside. After I wrote about six or seven, I realized that I loved writing poems and that I wanted to keep writing, so I did. At one point, most likely when I was in seventh grade, I decided that I was going to write fifty poems total for this book.

And now I have done just that.

I started this book as an insecure twelve year old. But now I will finish The Truth Behind the Veil as a confident and content nearly-fifteen-year-old.

To all of the readers, I hope that when you reach this point in my book, you will have taken something away. I hope that I have inspired to like yourself, to not care about the critics, that I have helped you in some way.

Thank you for all reading.

From the Black Veil Brides songs, “The Legacy” and “Fallen Angels”:

No one can tell you who you are, so take joy in who you are.

-Miranda M., April 3rd, 2012.


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