Life Happens
Author: Braylee B

Chapter 8
High School: Yay or Nay

High school.

Some people dread it coming, some people cant wait for it. Me,†I wanted both. I didnt want to go because I knew that it would be hard and there would be more people, but I wanted to go because it was a new experience and there would be new people to meet. Every one views it differently. Some end up loving it, some end up hating it.

High school is a place to create yourself. To make a lasting impression on the world. You can either be known as that person who every one loved, or hated, that girl who had all the boys wanting her, or that guy that all the girls loved. You could be that shy person, or the outrageously spontaneous one. The theater geek, the math nerd, the jock, or the dancer, the drama queen or prom king. No matter what you CHOOSE to be going in, high school may choose again for you before you leave.

During your four years of high school you being a change. Some people will change from good to bad, bad to good, bad to worse, or good to great. Most people take a long time going in between all of those at once. I've known people that have started out as great friends and fun to be around, to complete druggies who people look down on and always get in trouble. I've also†seen people go from druggies, to the top 5% academicly†in their senior class. It's the choices you make along the way that determine who you will end up being once you leave.

All throughout high school you will make some will be small, some might be†life changing decisions. Decisions like: who to be friends with, when to loose your virginity, who to date, what parties to go to, who you go to the school dances with.

Choosing who to be friends with is a decision that will follow you through highschool. Picking the right friends can determine how people look at you. If you find people that are similar to you than people will look at you for you. If you make friends with the popular people, be ready to live the popular life as well. If youchoose to be friend with people who are known druggies, be sure you are ready for people to think that you are a druggie too. Its not all about the clichs like people think it is though. Yeah there are groups of people that have tendencies to hang out with people who are into the same stuff as them, thats how you make friends. But that doesnt mean you have to hang out with ONLY jocks cause youre a jock, or ONLY theater kids cause youre a theater geek. Its really about being friends with different kinds of people.

When it comes to dating, you may be all excited to get your first kiss, your first boyfriend or girlfriend, or just your first high school relationship. But you have to know a few things before you get out there. First, make sure you know the person before you go after them. Sometimes asking around about the person can give you a great insite. Also, just getting to know the person helps a lot. Knowing what they like, how they act, and just about them will help you determine if you two will be compatible. MAke sure the person can make you happy. That they can make you smile and bring joy to your day. Its more than just looks, its a lot about personality. They could be the cutest girl or guy youve ever seen, but they could also be the biggest jerk, or B-word you have ever met. Im not saying its always like that, but you have to watch out for it. You also have to take into consideration that the chances of you two lasting more than a handfull of months, is slim. Most high school relationships last around a few months to a year. There are the rare cases that they last for a few years, or for the rest of your lives, but like i said, its slim. Just because you are in love, doesnt gaurentee a forever. People brake up, stuff happens, feelings change. But its not the end of the world. You are young, and when you are young you get to explore the things you want and dont want. What you like in a person, what you dont like, and so on. Just let things happen, dont force a relationship, dont get in one cause your friends tell you to, dont do it becasue you feel like you have to. Relationships should make you happy, so look for that person that makes you happy, and leave when they cant anymore.

High school is a great place to grow and learn and make mistakes. But one mistake you do not want to make, is losing your virginity too early. Some people think that since they are "in love" its ok to lose it, but at 14, chances are, you arent in love. Even for older kids, they think since its been a month they will last forever and its ok to just up and have sex. For guys, most of the time its not as big of a deal, but for most girls, it can be life changing. Take the time to figure out if its worth it. Think about how long you have been together, if emotionaly BOTH of you are ready for such a big step, make sure the relationship itself can handle something that big. Dont take it lightly. Losing your virginity is a big deal, you cant take it back, or learn from it and not do it again. Onve its gone, its gone. No redo's. If you have taken into consideration all of those things, and you KNOW you are ready, be safe. Dont be those kids that do it once, werent safe, and she gets pregnant. Its not worth it. Be safe, be smart, and be careful.

Parties. Most high schoolers are stoked to be able to go to real parties now. They get to hang with friends, no parents around, alcohol or drugs will be available, and fun will be had. But there are consequences to be had as well. Parties can cost you friends, trust, and could even cost a life. Drinking in highschool can lead to addiction and harm. Parties can result in a kid loosing their life because they got drunk, drove home, and got in an accident. They can result in people getting taken advantage of. They can result in kids starting to suck at school. They can result in people looking at you as the partier, which can not be a good thing. Just because your friends are going to parties and having fun, doesnt mean you should jump on the bandwagon and follow. Stay independent and make your own decisions instead of letting others do it for you.

High school can be a very tough time for a lot of kids. It's about growing up, making friends and mistakes, and having fun. Do live it up without losing yourself. Make friends, make relationships, make a future for yourself, but most of all have fun. High school is the transition between being a kid and being an adult. So make the most out of it. Listen to yourself and stay true to you.

So high school: Yay Or Nay?

Leave your opinions on it:) Thanks for reading!


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