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Twin Beeches is, essentially, a coming of age story about teenagers in Central Illinois during the last part of the twentieth century. A Touch of Rural Justice is the continuation of Twin Beeches
THE COMPLETE BOOK....A woodsman and a young mother/writer team up to fight a strip mining operation about to destroy their home, Twin Beeches.
The human faculty of reason, or rationality, corresponds to the intelligible order of Reality and points to a divine Source. This book is in its 2nd edition and can be purchased at
Non Fiction
In telling the stories of ordinary men & women,the author pays tribute to the hero in every one of us. These stories are told with outstanding authenticity, honesty and love leaving readers heartened.
The title FIVE SEASONS connects my poems with the elegant system of Traditional Chinese Medicine and its Five Element Theory that I learned over many years to help me understand my healing journey.
If you could end yourself and cease your suffering or continue fighting for an eternity of love, which one would you choose? (Vampire x Human Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy series-2 books)
This is a light strictly adult novel which is written through the eyes of a rampant promiscuous youth, and which can at times be amusing, coarse, or outrageous, and which delves into the spirit of adv
Young Adult
A story of discovery and adventure by the Iberians in the thirteenth century which could have provided the origins of the New Zealand Maori.
The three stories will bring a smile to your face as well as a tear to your eye as the author explores love and friendship between different cultures.
Short Stories
Life can be wonderful, but then again life can be hard especially for a young boy just emerging from childhood into puberty and adulthood. This is a story of joy, sadness, triumph and humour.
Non Fiction